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6 man team suggestion \ newbie player

By RottenZombie - MEMBER - March 05, 2019, 06:25:46

Hello guys! Need your opinions and suggestions. I and my wife recently started playing wakfu and we wish to form 6-man team together. 

We stopped at this team composition:Me: Elio, Feca, SadidaShe: Hupper, Enu, EliSo the question is following: how good\bad this team-setup will be at high tier content. Should we change someone for more DPS or maybe we need to have more melee characters. And is it possible to clear all game content with just one team-setup, or it is necessarily to lvl up more than 6 charecters for this (if we plan to play only with each other)?

Thank you =)

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What is the third character of your wife: "Eli"? Do you mean Eniripsa? Anyway it's pretty balanced, maybe add some melee damager like Iop (or Ouginak) instead of Huppermage. Also a Xelor can be pretty useful (damage, buffs, positioning, support) so you can replace the Sadida with it.

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