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[Just A Thought] More customization for classes that are older

By faerydae - MEMBER - February 08, 2019, 19:48:40

I noticed that all the recent classes like Huppermage and Ouginak have a lot more customization options in terms of hair and clothing, even community-made hairstyles. Now throwing back to the other classes which have like 3 of each only, and not trying to be rude (just my opinion), they're not even good. Take female Xelor for example, her splash art in character creation has this cool chain-like adornment on her head; I'm sorry, but where do we see this implemented in the game actually?
I'm referring to this picture about the female Xelor
Anyway, I don't think I need to go any further into this, I think and hope most relate. I know this is not something that affects gameplay, but it's just some tea I wanted to mention, like imagine if all classes had as many hairstyles/clothing options as Ougi/Hupper.

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*Plugs in the stereo and plays Smashmouth but only the "And they don't stop coming" part on repeat*

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