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Player. Coming back need help filling team.

By blacksoul176 - MEMBER - November 27, 2018, 23:45:04

I have 3 well geared lvl 160 characters (feca  Masquerade and eca)

I wanted to start a new team. 
I have started a 3 man sadida/IOP/Elio team a while back but I found the Elio lacking. So I wanted to switch it to something else. 

I got the aoe covered with the IOP and sadi. 
IOP will cover melee/single target. 
Sadi covers movement . And a bit of heals.

I was looking for a class to finish this team(possibly something I never played)  and I must say I have no idea what would be the best considering I'll be playing mostly solo. UB's and dungeons 


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Elio lacking? Its top tier ranged DD with xelor and fogger(for now), also extremely useful for protals that iop benefits from greatly

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Are you planning on merging both team together? If so, an Elio is awesome for the party, speaciily on end-game UBs.

If that's a separated team, I'd say that Elio is fine too, good damage and it's positioning abilities are welcomed to any party. If you still want to change it, I'd recommend Pandawa or Sacrier.

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elio is an amazing Damage dealer, you just need to invest in either zerg or distance 
worth to note that, elio shine in endgame dungeons(170+)
where positioning is key to clear bosses or can make your life way easier 
and with the new runes, and the right build some elio have over 4,2k damage with exceptional resist 75%-78%( he can even play with 4 pm base, and get another 2 from zerker passive and distance passive)
but if you want a more big punch damage dealer go for Fogger or Xelor
both have more damage and don't are need preparation to shine, foger just straight up murder things and xelor is the 200IQ DD on the game, been able to grab insane 22 AP on its own( and one of the best mobility in the game with teleport and clock)

there is also a new option , huppermage with 200QB build like mine can do some abissal damage,
but you realy need level 190 to play this build, 2 rings with -2wp and 
  a lot single target damage 

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