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Help To rebuiild my masq/ Returning Player

By iTuneV2 - MEMBER - August 13, 2018, 07:07:56

hi guys i needed help, i played wakfu 2 years before, and my nephew barrowed my account, when i look on it it was nerf, totally can't do nothing, all the characteristic page has been used, i have a photo of my character, please help me rebuild my masqueraider, and as a solo player i prepare a dual elements water/air or air/fire masq lvl 130, and i am looking for a great suggestion what character whould be great as a partner for masqueraider?, straight forward character i think DD or an AoE type.
or maybe i'll go start over again, any suggestion and build as a solo PvE player,


thanks in advance
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Collision based masq are still incredibly fun/useful if you are good at positioning! No matter what kind of masq you are though, it would be wise to be some sort of water variant unless your team has a dedicated healer to take care of you.

I'd say, because of the gear you've shown above, a tri masq would be lovely! You can take advantage of the Elemental Disciple passive to maximize your big spells just as Psyk-out and Spittoon. (Classablanca has decent damage but isn't the best choice for ED).

I don't quite remember how old the Huppermage questline is but there is a new passive that really benefits coward masq players called Fluctuation. Definitely mess around to see what build is most fun to you however because right now the pound for pound best build for Masq is a low crit variant that takes full advantage of the Charade passive.

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thanks tea, this help me alot, and i've decided to go dual with elio, and its give my masq more mobility

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Go for the booty dmg and the booty dmg will pleasure you

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