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which class is better in pvp?

By - MEMBER - August 05, 2018, 16:11:07

can't choose a class for pvp. tell me who is the best at 200 LVL ?

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There is no "best class", but pick Sram like 90% of pvpers do.

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Everything depends of situation, and if u wanna do group or 1v1. Tbh worst and best pvp class doesn't even exist, classes have mechanics that counter other classes. Things depends of the server, which classes are popular on your server, what kind of builds ppl use there. Mb u would like to pick counter for them. Someties one crazy person can surprice others with strange class and build for pvp. At the end the most important thing is to have fun during pvp matches.

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Just play a sac

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What Percy said, you can observe how other players play and maybe pick up the class that suits your playstyle the most. There's plenty of good PvP match on Reg's YT Channel

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u can make any class work for pvp . all i can say and its the best u can hear is to play something u enjoy

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