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3 Man comp? New player

By Veepz - MEMBER - July 12, 2018, 02:50:25

I've been reading and looking for decent 3 man comps and I didn't find all that much, so far I've decided to go with Foggernaut, Feca and ???, any suggestions? Also how limited am I playing solo in terms of PvM with 3 characters only?

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I'm not that pro but I believe using main chars will be better for future "easily can join others with them, like to complete a full group with your 3 chars you leveling or using now"
Feca is somehow a main tanker in the game, same as an Eni, and Fogger somehow not that easy to use as a Cra, and cra not that bad too as a damage comparing to a Fogger, but also you can drop Feca since you added Eni and replace Feca with a damager/tanker such as Iop if you like close combat classes, that for best simple 3 man, but still you can use other tankers/healers/damagers it's just try to see what you enjoy with even in far future you can add more chars and level or even reclass 

Feca/2x Cra haha
Eni/2x Cra 

But don't forget about other classes "Enu for drops not bad to add in" 

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Hi there!

Would Cra/Sac/Eni be good? Currently I have a Cra as my main and I'm not that much of a fan of Feca's skills. I just need something to face tank and distract enemies while my Cra dishes out the damage. The Eni would be there for a safety net just in case I get into a pinch.

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