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New class idea: Spirto's Mentality

By blookyboo - MEMBER - June 25, 2018, 00:55:06

Type: Healer, position-er, damage
elements: Fire,Water,Earth,Fractured
these beautiful and entrancing beings are godless twelvians that believe strongly that the gods have left the world to wither and die.The spirtos  have much knowledge about the balance of life...and death. they use their vast knowledge of life and death to fracture the divide between reality and the other planes of existence.They also use elemental orbs that change the effect of spells of that element when they are cast upon it but after one spell is cast on them they vanish
water: the spirtos use this element to disperse an enemies hp to close by allies or drain hp from their target to themselves. The orb of this element is "Aphrodite pearl" which heals all allies by 10% of their max hp when a water spell is cast on it one Aphrodite pearl can be on the field at a time and has a cool down of 4 turns.

fire: spirtos use this element to deal heavy damage. the orb for this element is the "Flare of insanity" which changes the single target fire spells into area spells but as a result they do less damage. there is no limit to the amount of flares on the field but the summon has a cool down of 3 turns.
earth: unlike other classes the spirto uses its earth spells to push or pull its target and if its an enemy they deal light damage as well. the orb for this element is the "sylph bulb" which when an earth spell is cast on it it pushes everyone around it (max range 2 spaces) 5 spaces away without doing damage. there can only be 2 sylph bulbs per spirito

Fractured element: this is the spirito's unique element and can be used to apply states, damage enemies, or revive allies   

example of spells: active: pyromania (summons flare of insanity) Fire: Pyrophobic (deals light fire damage and applies the pyrophobia state which ups fire damage dealt to the bearer)  water: sirens cry (deals water damage and steals 90% of damage dealt) earth: Spring's bloom(pushes back 2 cells if cast on enemy deals light earth damage) fractured: Mindset(if cast on an enemy: deals light neutral damage. if cast on an ally: Applies the "clear mindset" state which reduces the damage dealt to the bearer but also the damage they deal)

**if you are a descent through great artist comment so if you would like to help with the design of this  class also I hope you all like my idea hopefully it makes it into the game eventualy
Note: If you do not like my idea please say why I would like to make this class unique as well as interesting and useful. Please do not complain about it being like huppermage,Fogernaut ect. because my inspiration was from   some of the games currant classes and my own desire for a class that can do a lot. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. smile
special thanks to Piamette-Chan for helping me make this class as unique as I can

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meh they are basically dark huppermage like Vilenya(or necros) . She don't use light spell but instead shadow the opposite of the light. Plus in the lore they already stated that the shadowmancy is something that a crazy huppermage or a bad one (or  a necros class like we se on krosmaga) can learn and only them cause they have to know the Quadramental Breeze first (unlike the necross cause they are possesed by darkness).

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Score : 670 do know that its just an idea i already know that ill have to make some adjustments and all. and last time i checked i put shadow not darkness. darkness is the absence of light but shadow is a shape made by something blocking light. I was trying to imply that Spirtos are capable of bending reality to create rifts that block the flow of wakfu but dont get rid of it compleatly

I appreciate you telling me this but please dont complain I'm only 13 and I haven't watched the newer episodes of the show nor have I played any other krosmos   game other than wakfu and dofus

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sure thing! if i have to be costructive it's better if they change the plot completly (again actually the absence of wakfu are stasi and stasi is a fogger thing) so it's better if u create a new  force and u can call in a new way like "Echo" or u just simply say that they are actually capable of fusing the wakfu with the stasi BUUUT it's better if they are a other race because we have already a "dark-necross eniripsa form" and basically he do the exact same thing of an eniripsa but with of course the  shadowmancy 

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its a nice idea specialy the fact it can use a handful of elements like the hupper, but its too similar to the eliatrope and hupper

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thank you for telling me this and I understand it is like those classes and I might get rid of the rifts. but the reason its so much like the huppermage class is because I wanted to make a class that was like everyone combined but still have its own little qwerks and spells.  

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I really love the concept! I see where the inspiration comes from. <3

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I think this is a really cool idea and i like how it is like the huppermage but it has its own thing going on. I would definitely play this if it got its way into the game AND for an idea but its just my idea I'm not sure if this is even a thought for you or if its already in the game....i think you should include like a plague class or something like dark and spooky or something like that and i think you should be able to main in a certain type of spells like just have fire or more of fire or something like that. But all in all i love the idea and i think it would be one of the coolest things and again i love how we can see you're inspiration smile keep up the good work!

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well one of the spells I thought of is known as "nightmare" and it stuns as well as giving poison, but the poison is very weak the spells main Purpose is the stun.  (this spell Idea has been nerfed due to it being over powered so its effect is now removing move points and poisoning)

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