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Classes that work well with Feca

By tomowamathebeast - MEMBER - February 20, 2018, 08:29:56

I current have a Feca and am looking for a second char that will work well with it. I’m open to all classes. Please help!

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Any class, basically feca amplifies anything every class can do. I would ofcourse suggest a DD, one you enjoy!

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You can even solo srambad with Feca biggrin

+DD and +Healer you can almost do all dungeon up to moon. Cra or Fogger as DD would be nice.

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If you're going to have a 2 man-team I think elio or fogger might work well.. some DD class with constant mobility so you can position yourself better while feca tank mobs

EDIT: why dont you use your own cra?

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Feca is the wet dream of any ranged DD. Cra, Fogger and Osas are stupidly good with a feca.

But I'm not saying it's anything less than very good with literally any other DD.

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