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CLASS OVERVIEWS AT A GLANCE V1.3 (Hoping this is the final version! Fixes still welcome!)

By C0cktopus - MEMBER - February 07, 2018, 09:03:10
Hi there this is another (and hopefully last) continuation of my post:
I encourage any enthusiasts of the game to show this to their friends or use this for their own information! Fixes are still welcome, like always!

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This looks really nice, I wish that I saw something like it when I first started! I'll be sure to link it if a newbie in the Discord is having trouble picking a class.
Although, I'd say that Enu is 3 difficulty, Sram is at least 2, and Sac should be 0. tongue
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Just because people play Sac in a simple way, doesn't mean that the class has no potential! Also I'd have to disagree on the Enu and Sram. Sure the enu has to be aware of their mechanics at all times but they're not intrinsically difficult to manage. The Sram can be two stars for sure, but their kit is arguably just as simple as the sacrier's kit at first glance. That's why both of them have a yellow star for extra skill ceilings.
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*sees that rogue doesn't have 3stars* 
*cry in a corner*

a few points to add for rogue:

8:boombot is an exellent utility tool for pulling/pushing targets and relocating firewalls
9: can debuff an ennemy's critical resistance up to -180,and up to -90 for his allies through his air spells
10:limited mobility tools
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Thanks! Will add for v1.4
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I think the focus on AOE damage on the Enutrof is a bit off.

I'd say in general, Enutrof in its current state is a strong ramp-up DD, and an exceptional MP debuffer. I'd point out a few things:
  • Enutrof has options for strong range or melee focused builds, AOE, single target or both.
  • Strong MP removal. Other debuffs are weaker but still noteworthy.
  • Damage ramps up considerably over several turns, with potential for sudden bursts.
  • Poor durability due to a lack of recovery or armor.
I'm on-board with the loot generation point. Enutrof's biggest value in Battlegrounds, even, is that pouches generate extra chances of getting supplies per fight.

I dunno what simple summary I'd give Enutrof, other than maybe it's a flexible utility-DD.
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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Glad you keep improving the chart. I think it’s a very valuable resource for new players.E

ven so, I’ll keep pushing for the things I feel a bit off on Iop tongue

2. Can deal single or aoe both at melee range 2. Is incredibly good at single target damage and has some potentially useful aoe.

Iops main form of damage, in all branches, comes from Single Target damage. At all levels you would prefer to use combos; shaker, rocknoceros or impact; and super iop punch over any AoE. The only exception would be Judgement if you can do nothing but buff allies, and the very circumstantial  setup for a worth it Iop’s Wrath.

3. Ridiculous fire or earth burst damage on a long cooldown. Ridiculous damage with fire on a cooldown and a more difficult version to setup on Earth without it.

Charge is a worse version of Iop’s Punch in terms of damage dealing. It’s harder to setup (the state goes on the enemy, not on the character) and has a minimum range of 1, so you can’t use it on Iop’s most comfortable distance. However, this move does not have a cooldown. Only Super Iop Punch special effect does.

8. Decent damage mitigation, but only for themselves. Excellent damage mitigation on self, but has a long cooldown and reduces damage.

Iop’s Defensive Stance is incredible as a form of shielding yourself. It’s so much that many Iops use it even tho it has a very long cooldown AND reduces the damage 40% in the turn it’s used.

And I think that’s it. I tried to not go into personal opinions (stars, point 4 not being useful enough to warrant mention) but rather change some misinformation that may result from the chart.

Anyway, keep the good work!
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Thanks! This is definitely worth changing for v1.4! I appreciate you following up on the suggestions.
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Masq is probably the best AP debuffer right now after Xelor, i thinl it should be mentioned
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