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Last character for a three man team

By FollowmeTotheMoon - MEMBER - February 02, 2018, 22:14:43

Hi, I was thinking on building a 3-man team and i'm having lots of trobule in order to find the third one..

My first two choices have been Feca and Pandawa since I really enjoy both of them and this way I cover the tanking and the positioning.

As for the third one, I just know I don't want neither sadida nor enirpisa.

The ones that have caught my attention the most are: 
·Masqueradier (this is the one I'm most interested in)
Thank you all in advance for your suggestions!

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Masq is a great option, but I think having a rogue would really round out your team. Your biggest problem is a lack of burst damage right now imo. You have a lot of utility to really make the rogue shine.

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Sorry, I'm late.
As usual: 6 Osamodas (Yup, even in a 3 man team) 10/10 would play again (Or maybe not since now everyone's crying over poor badgeweakroxo).

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is that a hobby of yours?

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I kind of ended up opting for a xelor, is that a good? 
On top of that I found the feca pretty boring, would it be okay to offtank with panda and deal damage with both xelor and something like rogue?

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lol look at my account. I have exactly feca/panda/xel. (my wife completes the group with cra/osa/eni)

feca is boring at the beginning, but it is very important later. If you are really starting you can try other stuff, but if not, just keep it! You can also try replacing him with a sacrier since it's in a good shape right now, because I really dont like panda as tank/offtank.

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IMO ecaflip or masqueraider both have nice dmg, can heal yours team and with xelor you have 2 ppl with revive

anyway if you like play yours team its mean that you make good team

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Iop Good for Damage and air moves create an Ap boast. Your Panda can benefit 3 times, first from merriment, second from Feca and third from Iop's combo. Making it a total of 18Ap when the Panda is near Iop's combo.

Masqueradier would be good on damage sometimes but his main uses might just be for reviving your downed player with his clone

Ecaflip have nice abilities but there damage is based on hopeful crits

Rouges are bugged kind

A Sacrier would defeat the purpose of your team, making them all tank and no damage or late damage and hopeful wins when all players are down abut depending on his ability.

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