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CLASS OVERVIEWS AT A GLANCE V1.2 (Suggestions and fixes are appreciated!)

By C0cktopus - MEMBER - February 01, 2018, 23:43:57

This is a continuation of the thread that I started:

Big thanks to everyone that responded on that thread! I have put thanks at the bottom of the spreadsheet, made numerous changes based on feedback from masters and fellow players, and have made the chart larger and much more readable! I encourage everybody to save this and use it as a tool for introducing new players to the game or for figuring out a class you would like to try next!

Link to Reddit post:

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Wow, look much better and represent the current situation now. Have some of my thumbs-up.
Got nothing to say apart from panda is as hard as xelor and your e-mail's name is nice.

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Very good idea, you should translate in all languages to reach the entire wakfu community(FR,EN,PT,ES)

Greetings from a Spanish speaker

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One thing that bothers me is that Sacriers dmg output is ranked as average, this doesn't really hold true when they get the bold punishment stacks rolling. I would prolly rank it like  you've done with Hupper, going from average to really good dmg output. 

Sacriers also got the most amount of heals received when turned into a full tank this includes the 25% heals received from rock + 40% from bloodthirsty punishment which is the tank active. 

Enutrof explenations doesn't really reflect on what it can do:

Most Enutrofs would opt for a mid range build which got a range from 3 to 7, this holds especially true when using ST/distance builds which in my opinion is the best way to go for Enutrof as of right now.

Enutrofs dmg when in a ST/distance set is quite consistent and will deal about the same amounts every turn.

Enutrofs is also one of the best MP removal classes in the game and can remove a lot of mp from multiple targets.

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Hmm, as a Iop player I think you should re-evaluate some things.

For starters I think Iop's "easiest - most straight forward class to play" is actually pretty misleading. It'd be true if Earth/Fire was a viable build - alas, it is not. Air adds an incredible complexity to the class. Learning what are the best combos for your AP, how to chain them so you get the most damage and learning to "ride" the power generation cycles (more on that on Dragon Pig's Iop Guide) is actually quite quite a learning curve. That's why I argue Iops should have two stars. You can get by at lower content by spamming Jabs, but optimizing the combos - much like in a fighting game - is not only useful but mandatory in some of the harder content - especially in the melee-unfriendly Moon dungeons!

In my opinion, Iops have a pretty low skill entrance - just run up to things and hit them! - but mastering a Iop is learning when and how to get into fights, counting your every AP so you don't waste it with just a Flurry but instead use every AP and MP in a combo and learning when to get out - Iop is not a tank! You can't and shouldn't stay in the frontlines facetanking anything.

Also, there's a few things that are technically true, but aren't part of Iop meta at the moment. For example: "Ridiculous Fire/Earth burst with long cooldowns" is a bit misleading. Iop has strong burst with Fire, but no optimized Iop uses charge as a main damage dealing spell.

I'd change the description of your 3 to only include Fire, or if you want to be even more true to the class, super Iop Punch. Fire has a lot of AoE, so saying it's a single target branch is actually misleading.

Also, I'd add that the Earth Branch actually adds good mid range utility. Charge lets you aproach enemies in mid range, Rocknoceros lets you cripple the enemy movement in middle range, and Impact is a mid range damage dealing move that you can use when you can't get to the enemy.

Also since it's probably the most iconic Iop thing at the moment, I'd add that the Air Branch provides extremely good consistant damage, far surpassing the other two. "Combos and extra effects" is selling the OP damage of this branch, which is what Iops use 99% of the time when they aren't bursting with Super Punch or closing gaps with Charge.

I think the idea is super cool so that's why I wrote so much, haha. I want you to make this as good as it can get!

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Ah I see what you mean! Thank you for your opinions!

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Huppermage section looks good! happy 

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