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Good duo for a sacrier?

By Williewood - MEMBER - December 28, 2017, 17:34:18

What would be a good duo for a sacrier that goes as a tank/dmg role?

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Masqueraider. Both are EXTREMELY mobile classes that complement eachother pretty well, specially in 3 man teams. 

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In PvE atm, I think Ankama has done a really good job at making all classes viable. While some are definitely on top, In my opinion every class except 1 is more than usable at endgame. Funny enough that 1 class that consistently under performs is Masqueraider lol. Masq was already on the lower end in terms of class tier during patch 1.55, but then in 1.56 Ankama thought it would be a good idea to remove half of their dmg (collision damage got replaced with -ap) and give Masq literally no compensation. That said, I would highly recommend staying away from Masq until Ankama gives it some compensation. Back the the original question though, I would have to recommend Iop since it's the second highest dpt in the game and can also be really tanky with the right gear. 

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As if any Masque used colission damage as a damage source.

It's all about going 0% crit, 75% Resistance, and hit for that juici 8 Thousand Dart damage with Ogrest Wrath.

I never understood english meta, but SPECIALLY now with Tower out, Masque's a really great contender for S.21+ Tower. 

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I would suggest Ecaflip. Ecaflip can heal, revive, has good damage, and is flexible. One of the Ecas heal spells can stack the final damage of sacrier too while healing.

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I personally like Sacrier and Rogue as a duo. Sacrier loves fire wall as it is an extra Bold Punishment stacker and Rogue loves the setup that a sacrier can give it. Plus Pulsar x BTF is a super underrated combo.

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  •  Sac + Osa

Sac tanks, Osa wrecks everything from a distance, and it has the ability to heal from lv140 onwards, once you capture a Wabbit for yourself. On the meantime you'll have an easy time doing dungs and whatnot since both classes have superb dmg output, plus, whichever mistake you could make in terms of positioning with any of your characters, the other will be able to make up for it since both classes have quite a few tools in terms of repositioning of enemy (sac) and allied (sac & osa) characters.
  • Sac + Sadi

Sac tanks, Sadi buffs and heals, plus it does sizeable damage from a distance, although not as extreme as other DDs. Sadi is mostly about flexibility and adaptability, personally, I think that sadi brings a lot of things to the table that Sac specifically will greatly benefit off: heals, armor buffing, Res debuff for mobs, some degree of repositioning and a revive, although Sadi revive is counter intuitive for the most important Sac mechanic which is their Cling turns. 
  • Sac + Eni

Highly dangerous combo, mostly because Eni allows Sac to go permanently low HP, meaning massive damage boosts, plus, there's some mechanics that greatly benefit Sac playstyle, the main one being the Revive + Cling to Life combo that will allow Sac to clear rooms with ease, it does require planning and Eni sincerely doesn't have the flexibility to be both a superb healer + reviver + a reliable DD. So, it isn't too fun until you've advanced quite a bit in terms of levels and equipment.

Overall, I'd advise for you to go with a ranged class to go alongside with your sac in adventures, mostly because you want a character that A) Is able to get Sac out of the heat in any dangerous situation, B ) Won't get caught in the midst of battle as the Sac will, giving you a wider array of alternatives within the fight, C) You'll benefit more in terms of positioning, as you won't have to waste AP in saving your other character if you're able to keep your distance from the fray, D) Has synergy with Sac in terms of being able to heal and/or Revive - overall increasing your clear speed. Cheers.
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