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Need help choosing 6th class

By mayenre October 27, 2016, 09:33:41

My current team:

152 fogger
150 xelor
150 panda
118 feca
137 enu ( can switch to other class)

What would be good as 6th class? Propably i need healer. But maybe there is other option (i'm bored of eni).
I can also change enu if need for better team composition.

Please share me your thoughts. Thank you smile 

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Your panda already sometimes throws in a heal, i assume. A second class which might focus on keeping the group alive and well wouldn't be a bad choice.

Fleas, midranged Heals, Buffs & Debuffs, some positioning
Positioning, Buffs, midranged Heals
Ranged Heals, Dolls, Armor, MPsteal AoE, Debuffs, some positioning

Personally i would trend towards either a Sadida or Ecaflip.

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o.O why bored of enis, as they are now they have a lot of fun going.
You can use massacuring mark passives to enchance the role of marks,
and there are some passives for range and aoe, so you can also fork some damage.

but if enis are a big no, I'd also say go for sadis or eca.

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