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The class you play - what you like / dislike about it?

By Kikuihimonji - MEMBER - June 05, 2014, 12:24:38
Let's give our opinions and feedback to the designers:

1. What attracted you to the class you play? / What you like in your class?
2. What aspects of the class you play you dislike? / What you'd like to see changed in the class you play?
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Let's start with my main, the Enutrof:
1) I like the idea/style of the Enutrof. Old greedy treasure hunters whom fight with shovels and kamas. Also, Ruel in the cartoon is an amazing character.
2) The mine mechanic (although not perfect, read below). Overall I enjoy manipulating the layout/patterns on the battlefield to improve my abilities.
3) Unique sounds for the male/female. Their screams are amazing!
4) Dhreller pet is really fun, has nice abilities and just feels handy altogether. Wish there was even more interaction with it though!

1) The whole water tree! While I actually play it, its more or less a necessity to make up for the poor drops on materials and loot in this game. The water spells/mechanic are bland at best, horrible in design at worst (Blowing up your own loot? Increasing loot bags but not getting better loot?).
2) Bad/unpractical support skills. Just needs massive rework allover.
3) Mines only visible to the Enutrof player. I assume it was an easy-way-out to deal with a situation where two Enutrofs would be on the same team. With some effort I'm sure they could find a better solution for that.
4) Dhrellzerking too mono-element. Lack of synnergy between elements.
5) Being a bad design-choice from the get-go by having a class whom acquires loot better than other classes and thereby becoming a nightmare for the dev team to take into consideration for loot rebalancing. I would not mind seeing them Revamp the Enutrof entirely if it'd mean equal (and proper) loot drops for everyone, acquiring more fun combat mechanics in return.

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I've moved this topic over to the General Class discussion section as it is much more fitting a location for a discussion on classes in general.
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The only thing i dislike about fecas ankama didnt add some spells as truce and fraction. ;_;
Maybe they can when add more spells.

Oh it is not about feca, it is about dislike another thing ohmy 
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- Great damage.
- Great mobility.
- Great utility.
- Great element synergy.
- Great self-buffs.

- Water is too weak and AP debuff in most fights is too negligible to compensate for it.
- Hydrand are pathetically worthless with the exception of terraforming.
- No fire/water synergy & the air/water synergy with Aging is very weak even with 850%+ damages.


- Appropriately great damage in close combat.
- Nice mobility, decent AoE in some of the skills.
- Up to 240% damage passively from skills (without wasting all your WP to Increase) is pretty epic.
- Stun is hilariously overpowered in PvP. The fact that stun is nerfed even on monsters says a lot about the state, and to see it still on a character class is have-a-giggle-m8 levels of funny.

- Stun is too powerful in a PvP meta game where players are one-turning one another. However it is not overpowered in PvM and is very fair and practical in that part of the game.
- Flatten and Bravery Standard could be re-worked to make them more appealing choices.
- The spells are kind of bland, especially when compared to the awesome Iop spells from Dofus.
- Melee classes typically suffer in PvM. Iop doesn't have much to compensate for this besides for an increased health pool.

• Mango
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-Water masq's healing ability with spitfall. Even tho you can't directly heal yourself but you have to use an ally as a beacon to heal yourself.I think this is ok as a solution for the masq even tho you need to go close to ally and make sure no other allies are closer than you if you want to heal yourself.
-Classic mask. I like how it gives an AP when you crit and increases dmg to allies. (just talking about the mask and not whole air branch)
-I like and dislike double but here's what I like about double:I like that I can use all spells as double mostly. (Only can't change masks or use weapons)
-Dodging enemies as a water masq but as this about to change we should see what's going to happen in the next patch.
-I like that with fire mask on you gain dmg when you're hit but I think gaining resist instead of dmg would be better since you're pretty melee with fire branch.
-I like these masq passives -> Burst of wakfu, Artful dodger, Charade and Mask master
-Scherzo, Classtanet and Classablanca from air branch
-Fugue, Spitfall and Spittoon from water branch


Spitfall: I dislike that it's limit is 2 per turn. This limits dual elemental builds alot and hinders water masq so that it pretty much shouldn't be anything but Mono class
Fugue: I dislike that it has -1 mp cost. I would see this spell as much better if it didn't have that cost even if the dmg was nerfed a bit because of it.
Backbeat: If this spell was AOE I'd love this spell but it isn't and it's base dmg is just horrible considering that it kinda has hidden mp cost. I mean c'mon the dmg is even less than spitfall's.
Spitbull: I dislike once per enemy limit and -2 mp cost. Since there's not any other spell to use with similar AP cost except backbeat what other choise does pure mono class has...the answer is nothing.also this spell is srsly lacking in range.
Water mask: As this branch was clearly meant for dmg dealing why on earth does this mask give healing bonus instead of dmg or Ch. +1 mp from dodging is nice tho.
COmbos: spitfall, spitfall, spitbull -10 ap and -4 mp. Main combo for water branch without wp. You can only move 2 sq's which would be ok if it wasn't for range of spitbull.

Classerole: I feel that this spell should have higher base dmg and maybe 5 AP cost and no collision.
Whipkick: Everything about this spell scream mediocre. Maybe if it had some range 1 - 2 (2-3?) and 3 sq AOE then it would be awesome.

This should be main damage branch but it just isn't as it is and everything is AOE and fire doesn't have not one single target spell.
Psyk-out is once per turn and has 6 AP 1 mp cost. Would be fine as 5 AP only and same base dmg as Spittoon.

Dance of death: spell lvl's at the cost of WP on a WP hungry class already. No thanks
Carnival: Giving out masks when Masquraiders are supposed to be very protective of their masks as they worship them. The whole idea of giving them out is repulsing. Not to mention that there's only one mask that's actually worth giving to any ally (air mask).
Double: Sram wannabe. Why does everything has to be copy & paste from other classes. I also hate how the dmg is redirected to main char from double. Also Masq didn't have double in the comics. Masq moved so fast that it created illusion of multiple images of himself.
I hate how double loses it's mask if main changes his mask twice.
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Kokonaut|2014-06-05 14:43:02

- Stun

I've always wanted to see an Iop heavy party run some high end content. Multiplying the number of stuns thrown out has always appealed to me. I don't think it would be too strong either. You'd be limiting yourself to single target attacks just to have an off chance to stun the enemy.
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    The new specialties, really make the feca worth it.Ranged water spells. Woohoo!Feca shield. Not bad, but easily raped by DPS classes.The new mathematical increase for glyphs and armors.Charges based on turns. Now I don't get raped by classes with 1 AP spells..The new AP glyph.Teleportation Flux.
    Less armors and glyphs. Really Ankama, we all miss that meteor shower glyph. And that hammer armor. :CToo much need of MP. I mean, fecammer was better. All or nothing, you know what I mean?The active specialties make the Feca a WP whore. Really, you have to wait for at least level 115 before any active specialty should be brought to 1 WP cost.Provocation: It INCREASES the chances that a mob will aim you, so it's just a waste for AP since it can still attack others. And if you're a tanker, why would you need provocation (except for the range)?I find Pheles glyph to have a very low base damage. Glyph or Armor has f*cked up range, requires a line of sight until level 7, and it needs 1 AP. Easily can ruin a build if you're trying for the first time to use a mechanical-based Feca, instead of just tanking.
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I have played many classes but currently I am playing as a Sadida.

  • Being able to heal myself and allies.
  • Being able to shield myself and allies.
  • Being able to cast thorn glyph on ground to slow down a group of enemies.
  • MP removal (so so, too weak).


  • Dolls are so bad developed that if I choose to use them I am seriously restricting my gameplay.
  • Lone Sadida
  • Voodoll is pointless.
  • Therefore I am not able to use 4/5 of my active support abilities because they are linked to dolls.
  • All passive skills are useless because they are linked to dolls and my dolls are useless.
  • To tell the truth, I could live without trouble by just having two skills leveled: Tree and Lone Sadida.
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Fire/Water Eni


Massacuring Mark - Explosions upon Death and the ability to heal by inflicting dmg on the enemy.
Coney - Cuter than Lunar. Also great for bathroom breaks.
Constitution - More HP... must have more HP.
Fortifying Word - NoLoS nuclear bomb that can save lives.


Fire/Water gear.
Unnatural Remedies - This used to be a fun spell especially combined with Revitalizing Word.
Sadists Mark - It doesn't benefit from range boosts.
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Gynrei|2014-06-05 16:59:13
Fire/Water Eni


Massacuring Mark - Explosions upon Death and the ability to heal by inflicting dmg on the enemy.
Coney - Cuter than Lunar. Also great for bathroom breaks.
Constitution - More HP... must have more HP.
Fortifying Word - NoLoS nuclear bomb that can save lives.


Fire/Water gear.
Unnatural Remedies - This used to be a fun spell especially combined with Revitalizing Word.
Sadists Mark - It doesn't benefit from range boosts.
Likes: Enis are hot
Dislike: Let me get back to you with that.laugh

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I usually play as sadi and xelor but used to play with eni and enu.

what i like about sadida
  • Really versatile spells (push, heal, shield, voodoll)
  • I like tree, it gives nice res and stabilise and is a good wp waster for short fights
  • It doesn't have passives that only work with 1 element
  • What i dislike about sadida
    • Its bramble shield is a bit confusing, giving some random dmg
    • Dolls are horrible at their jobs, earth dolls can't block or lock. Lone Sadida is to useful to replace with dolls
    • Poison doesn't "feel" like poison
    • Some useless passives
    What i like about xelor
    • Fire is so much fun with different ranges each turn
    • It has a unique rhythm during battles
    • You don't have to prepare a lot
    What i dislike about xelor
    • Its water build isn't attractive, at least not to me
    • The ini/control passive is kinda useless now we have free control on every hat, belt and teaspoon
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    Kikuihimonji|2014-06-05 12:24:38
    Let's give our opinions and feedback to the designers:

    1. What attracted you to the class you play? / What you like in your class?
    2. What aspects of the class you play you dislike? / What you'd like to see changed in the class you play?
    Sacrier's Blood

    1) I like of how they fight, that means, their crazy style to fight. Blood everywhere :3
    Another thing that attracts me to play with Sacriers is that I see they like be protectors, like someone that push himself to the front line of battle just to help your friends.

    2) Their resistance. I think that a game-class-tanker should be a little more resistant and hasn't a lot of HP only. But I still think Sacrier is the better character class in-game.
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    SeriousBelly|2014-06-05 17:34:40
    Gynrei|2014-06-05 16:59:13
    Likes: Enis are hot
    I know, right? Just look at Herr Peece. UNF.

    In order to avoid any warnings about derailing threads with photos of the sexiest Eni in existence: my favorite class is Xelor's Sadnglass.

    What attracted me to this particular class? Probably my fondness of bandages and mummies, predominantly. Although the gameplay is an important factor, too - I especially like the ap removal mechanics, even though I know that they're not the most efficient tactic nowadays (that's why my main is fire/air and I made a water Xelor separately just for fun).

    What do I dislike and/or what I would change? I wouldn't change too much in the gameplay, really, apart from making punishment one use per turn, to enforce more diversity in builds.
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    Time for Cras to have some love~~

    I've been an earth cra for 3 years and what makes me swoon is the piercing arrow rebounds.
    Beta past: Destruct Arrow used to stun guys!!! And used to be 5 AP
    Launch past: I loved how Arrow Blow was the only melee spell that made earth cras different from the others.
    Earth cras I believe have one of the largest AoEs compared to fire cra.
    Destruct deals massive amount of damage when consuming 100 level riddled.

    Cras are not PvP material. Only good in team battles.
    Cras don't stun anymore
    Cras don't have Arrow Blow anymore thanks to Ankama.
    Retreat arrow takes 4 AP and 1 WP making it hard to help with pushing unless using homing arrow and windy beacon (that cannot move)
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    My favorite classes are enis and osamodas

    • Main healer class
    • Extremely cute
    • They have wings *.*
    • The only class which all 3 branchs can be classified at sme kind of support.
    • No Buff spells,only trans.(comparing to dofus eni)
    • Invigorating and fortifying words,at water branch,are 2 casts per turn.
    • Regeneration...I don't like regeneration...seems useless to me...
    • Air debuffs propagator...Can't heal and debuff at the same time well.

    ^That's some badass eni...Gonna search about him.

    • Animal loving
    • Gobgob
    • They can transform themselves in dragons
    • Adaptation to fights with gobup and gobgob

    • Dragon osas are iops with wings
    • Not much cmc gear to go full summon
    • Can't name the summons
    • Can't use tiwabbit a lot...(wabehameha!!!!!)
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    Masqueraider here.


    Can pull double duty as healers and attackers with minimal effort.
    Fugue cause it looks like he flipping the enemy off when backing away
    summon a double for twice the help
    Love casually dodging enemies for back stabs
    The damage buff of classic mask
    The giggling and maniacal laughter
    Healing spit


    The fire branch has to lose resist to be stronger. Hard to see use for it in higher level areas.
    Carnival. I hate giving people people my precious masks then they lose it after two turns.
    Water branch is really mp heavy.
    The cowards mask does not allow you to run away from battles the aren't going to hot.
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    The Rogue and the Cra

    The Rogue is one of the second characters i play. And what i like about the Rogues they have unique versatile built and are either used as heroes or villains in the Wakfu and the Dofus universe.But that doesint make Rogues dangerous fighters Rogues are dangerous because they play dirty in order to win.And you sometimes its fun to play the Scumbag

    Good side of the rogue

    Unique versatile built can be used as a Range,Close Combat or Tactical bomb unit.

    Fire branch the most dmg dealing and the funniest class the play

    Boombot can be used as a secondary trigger,bomb pushing,pulling and escape tactics like using roguery or the barbwire to teleport your opponent away if they are near the boombot or bomb

    Tactical unit used to make chaos in the battlefield and go gunsblazing with a sharp knife's and a large BANG!

    Bad side of Rogues....oh boy

    Fire branch is fun but too much bomb oriented you wont last long in close combat and with recent nerfs its a pain in the ass thanks Ankama sleep

    if u screw up with planning even once against a tough enemy your Rogue wont last long after all there not tanks.

    Some active spells are useless and too low dmg even for low AP spells.

    The use multiple use of the bomb trigger...Serious click the trigger then the bomb in order to make it explode i cant remember how much infuriating this is.

    An even more difficult class to play thanks to the recent nerfs and monster updates.

    supprise shot...Why for the love of Sram! only two!?

    Line of sight oh COME ON!

    The Cra is one of my fav and first characters that made in Wakfu i always had a thing for elf archers but what can i say i watched the TV series and i love Evangelyne and Cleophee.

    The Cra are Range experts and are good at firing an unlimited supply of arrows at a safe distance however their arrows arrent just ordinary arrows their infused with magic granted from the godess wisdom well aint that something (^w^)b

    Good side of the Cra

    Long Range they always hit there targets first from a distance


    Can hit multiple foes and are good AOE dealers

    Riddling system is great but it should be more improved

    Are great allies to have in a battlefield lowering the enemies health for the melee units

    Bad side of the Cra.......................;_;

    The things that i said above are also the negative ones because after so many updates and patches the Cra's arent that good when they used to be they have been serouisly punnished in the past years witch is kinda sad.

    Close combat is their weakness but kinda expected wont last long in close combat but during recent nerfs it made the Cra even more helpless and powerless.

    Spells are too costly if enemies get too close your focusing too much of getting out then firing a single shot against an enemy

    weak againts muliple apponents who cornered them and are not good for pvp.
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    My main class is cra, which has been mentioned several times in this thread, so lemme skip to my favorite alt class atm, feca. Please forgive the poor grammar and fake ebonics, just trying to spice things up a bit. biggrin

    • Dat res
    • How females look in Ulgrude costume (that's prolly just me coz it's shiny and my feca's eyes actually match it ... sort of tongue)
    • Utility/versatility of spells (even bubble's +range that some people don't find useful)
    • Dat natural attack, totally droppin bombs on ya
    • Dat pheles glyph, coming from underground to getcha
    • Most Wakfu citizens don't want DPT fecas in group coz that's "not their main role"
    • Dodge mechanic seems like a waste of a control even though it only costs 2AP to do (glyph/armor+drip armor); wouldn't be necessary if I had picked better min range 1 spells (although none are as strong as natural attack)
    • Glyphs have a limited lifespan and it's costly to stack and/or move them (especially pheles glyph)
    • Not sure how to balance self-shielding and damage output in a 1v1 PvP yet, especially against tank fecas, coz there's no real burst damage available (and burst damage is king/queen in PvP)
    Score : 46
    My favorite Class is the Iop

    High Damage- Nuking someone/something at close range is pretty enjoyable
    High Mobility - i Personally like the Jump in Wakfu better than in Dofus. sure you don't jump nearly as far but it doesn't cost half your AP to do so and it gives you damage and backstab potential

    It doesn't feel like the Iop as much of a role in high level Dungeons and UBs Cras. Dragon osas and Ecaflips can fill their role and be safer about it
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