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Group leveling guide?

By OrehRuoy - MEMBER - February 20, 2014, 03:42:15

What would be some good advice for leveling a group of say 4 from startof the game up. What to fight with the group for best xp and fastest leveling

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Usually people would say -->

1. Pandawa
2. Eniripsa
3. Enutrof
3. Cra/Iop

You could also do the fun part and go with the Animé group

1. Iop
2. Cra
3. Sadida
4. Enutrof

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Umm, he's not asking what classes to choose but WHERE to lvl.

With a group of 4, try to find 4-6 monsters groups about the same lvl as the people in the group. So for example, if you're lvl 50, try to fight group of mobs where each mob is around lvl 45-55.

Of course the first lvls would be the best in Asturb, then, around lvl 10-15 you can move to Gobballs in one of the nations. Then you can easily lvl from 15-50 in your nation on different mobs.

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