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Leveling question.

By Tragrim - MEMBER - January 08, 2014, 08:19:39
Pretty simple question really, I'm currently in the process of leveling up 3 alts with 3 of my characters and I'm just curious to where the best leveling place would be.

I'm rolling with an Eni/Iop/Enu(or a Cra depending) which are all level 110 in odd gear and my alts are level 60ish now.

So yes, in short, where abouts would be an ideal leveling place? I've outgrown Tree dungeon and running Lunar/Monk seems to be extremely slow time:exp wise.
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crobak dg then later whisperer 95 dg
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I've been grinding random dungeons e.g. hurl / hoodlum and they're at 85 now.. still in a wisdom set. The plan is to grind somewhere till 90-100 before attempting to bother finding gear for them :c.
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I would go to the 95 whispered dg now, should be good xp till ~100. Yeah I usually grind my alts to ~110 before I buy them gear. With a 10 kit ring there's a lot of choices for gear in the 110-120 range. But it's definitively a bit more difficult since it gets progressively harder and they don't contribute to the team.
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My characters find a small whisper mob annoying xD. I might give it a go, at worst I die.

The characters I use are water eni / fire iop (earth enu) / water enu (air cra) + the alts.
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