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Sac or Panda?

By ShoKaiBai November 26, 2013, 16:32:05
Hey there just a quick question.

Can a Sac or Panda be used in 100% of all dungeons?

If not what one is used more? I'm assuming panda, but I would like to hear others opinions and experiences as well.

Heres my Group if it will help:

Panda / Sac

Also a little off-topic is earth still a strong element for enu? I see a lot of water enu's nowadays.
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Panda is needed for more dungs
Yeah panda is used more in dungeons/boss. And Earth Enu is still a very strong build if built correctly, but toward end game enu start hybridizing, especially with the treasure tracker passive and mines giving +all dmg%.
Cool! That's good to hear about that earth enu still strong.

Another question I have is how come all wabbit or similar end-game dungeons all have a Sac instead of a Panda? Is it possible to beat wabbit dungeons with a Panda instead of a Sac?
AHHH question;.. so hard

*brain explodes*

They're both s good, how can you make me choose!!
kefirman|2013-11-28 20:09:49Panda is needed for more dungs
btw it's no longer true. Barrel exploits in dungeons like yechti and hagen are fixed now. All high level dungeons require at least 1 tank and both panda and sacrier can fill this role with appropriate build. Their map manipulation is good too but with different tradeoffs. Panda's karchamrak is more flexible while sacrier's teleports have a LOT more range. I think a tanking iop is also possible but I didn't see any myself unfortunately.
If you play your rogue fire pandas have better synergy with that imo. A tank panda can make extensive use of your carpet whereas a sac is restricted by having to move himself for maximum mobility.
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