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New to Wakfu, can't decide on class

By Hekatrix November 14, 2013, 23:46:03
I recently decided I'd give Wakfu a try and it has been pretty fun so far, I've just been fooling around on various classes to see what they are like (I understand classes don't tend to shine until later). I've been reading guides on some of the classes to get an idea of what they are like but I can't really decide what I want to play as. Right now I'm thinking either Earth Ecaflip (following Music's guide), or Fire Sacrier (undecided end game, probably tank though).

Which would be better to play end game? I'm not entirely sure on class demands, being 100% new to the game. I'm also curious if both are capable of solo work, because right now I have 0 friends, so power leveling is out of the question.
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Enutrof or eni
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If I go with Enutrof, should I do that Water/Prospecting build?
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