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Returning Player, Class Advice?

By Sardiuslols - MEMBER - November 06, 2013, 01:51:47
Hello everyone,

I'm a returning player and Wakfu is like a whole new world to me. I like how a lot of the new changes look! I'd like to hear from you which classes are currently in high demand for PvE content like dungeons and UBs. My goal is to be able to hop in and find a group / guild with relative ease where I can be useful in a team situation. PvP capabilities aren't required, but if the class happens to function well in it, feel free to note that!

So what's your idea of a nice class to fit this role?
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If you want to be able to get into pretty much every single dungeon and most all UBs, an Eni is the best choice. Everyone loves Enis, and you can never have enough and you'd definitely be appreciated for helping out. Of course, it depends if you enjoy taking on the healing role. I personally do but not everyone does and prefer to just have them as alts.

Besides that, I think Pandas are usually quite liked in a lot of UBs and dungeons for their kamcharak, and besides that their ability to dish out a lot of damage and/or reduce a ton of resist on the enemy.
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