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Picking some DPT, and Fogger question.

By November 01, 2013, 19:46:34
Hey guys and gals!

Had a couple of quick questions that I need some help with. Looking for some advice on my last couple of DPT and some opinions of what are currently the strong DPT after all the changes (been gone a while).

Current team is:

Enu (earth)
Eni (water)
Panda (fire/tank)
Rogue (earth/air)

As you can see my last two spots are pretty open. Another thing is how strong are Foggers now? Last time I played they were one of the least played. I need opinions because 1 dpt in the slots will be interchanged for an eni at some bosses. So maybe if someone could create a personal IMO list of strong DPT of various elements that would help greatly, consider I've been gone so long.
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