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Good Leveling Duo for newbies.

By Chrispy-Mud October 26, 2013, 03:20:30
Hello everyone. My girlfriend and I are getting into wakfu this coming week, and I wanted to know what a good class combo was for leveling. We're not going to avoid playing with others, but we'd really like a combo that will be effective as just the two of us, at least for the first 30 or so levels.

She likes the beefier tank-type characters, so I'm thinking she'd like the sacrier, but I'd like to know what other tanky options there are.

I've been looking at the ecaflips, and they seem pretty neat, but I'm worried that the gambling aspect might be more of a liability than an asset. I like the idea, but I think I'd like something a bit more tactical and reliable.

She is also interested in trying a duo-xelor type thing, since their whole dial thing seems pretty rad. And, they're mummies. Is this a viable duo for early levelling? We'd really like to just get through the first 30-50 levels before grouping up, and if the duo xelor combo would work, that'd be neat.

Just to clarify, I know that in theory all class combos could work for this, but we'd like something that works very well. We don't want a lot of downtime while we're playing. Thanks in advance for your no-doubt helpful comments. biggrin 
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Ecaflip is the easiest class to use, high damage output and escaping skills for ppl with no real playing skills, a class for noobs smile

if you are starting tho... make any element enu, to get geared "fast".
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RE: tanks. I suppose check this thread for derp explanation of the recommendations below:
  • Earth Sacrier
  • Earth Foggernaut
  • Earth Sadida
  • Water, Earth or Hybrid Feca

Having lock than not would be beneficial because monsters tend to go for lower resistance [possibly less hp/level may contribute too, idk] player, and chances are one would have decent res as a tank. Unlike most mmos with tank classes, there's no spell that'd direct an enemy's attention to the tank, you see.

RE: Ecaflip. The gambling aspects aren't that bad; only a selected few can really be a hassle. Most of the time it'd just be the eca dealing less dmg on a particular turn, just need to be careful with spells like Double of Quits, the temptation can be a bit overwhelming I say. But no, Ecaflips are decent damage dealers, shouldn't be too bad.

RE: dual element Xelor. At lower levels, the damage might be a bit lacking but you can probably go for dual element support fine. I'd say dual element damage Xelor would start to be decent from around lv 30 onwards with the royal tofu set seeing as fire/air is usually the popular dual element xel build.
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Thank you for the insight! We've been trying the duo xelor thing, and it's worked out pretty well so far. We're still getting used to placing the dials correctly, but it's been pretty fun!
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Fire eni with a Earth/Agi Iop.

Fire eni have the best single target cure, plus decent damage. Earth/Agi Iop is a melee character, so, need to be cured and eni enter here. Earth/agi is for element diversity.

Masq water with sacrier int also works good. This give cure for sacrier and amazing damage.

A full tank is bad for duo composition, you need damage. you can try a ranged class with an osa too, using his summon to tank.

Btw, in lower levels (30-) any comp works, battles are too isy and don't need a real strategy.
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