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Class for a soloing newb?

By Baaben October 20, 2013, 17:04:38
Hi there!

I've been playing on and off for a week~ But still haven't decided on what class I want to focus on. I currently have Xelor at level 11 and a Fogger at 9.
About the Xelor I feel that I don't really care about the tick/tock mechanic (atleast not this early in the game), I just nuke, and it's working fine.
Another thing with the playing the Xelor, I found that it was alot you needed to learn right from the beginning, perhaps this is not exclusive to the Xelor?
I'll probably play mostly for myself though getting a guild is on my to-do list.

What class do you recommend for a soloing noob? Is a tanky class the best way to go perhaps?
I've been thinking about Osamoda, as I've understood what role they play is totally depended on what pet they have summoned?
btw, is there any tanky ranged class?

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For soloing summoner osa is the best class. In any fight you barely even loose any health since you got your summons tanking for you. At level 100 for example ýou can easily do the hoodlum dungeon alone.
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Sentrayak|2013-10-20 18:30:46
For soloing summoner osa is the best class. In any fight you barely even loose any health since you got your summons tanking for you. At level 100 for example ýou can easily do the hoodlum dungeon alone.
Im only level 32 and I can still agree with you there. tongue 
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Don't pick a class because it can solo things. Everything that's worth doing in this game requires a team. The low lvl areas are empty, but later on you'll be able to join groups, and in the lvl 100+ areas you will have no choice to join a team or you're dead.

I wouldn't pick osa, they just got nerfed with a nuclear missile. Xelor class is more complicated than most, you also have more tactics available to you. What kind of character you looking to be? A tank, a damager, a debuffer, a healer, a positionner, etc?
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Summoner Osas are good. Great for soloing as well, as was already mentioned.

Tanky ranged class? All I can really think of is Feca, but since they are about to be overhauled, I would hold off on that. I guess Foggernauts also fit the bill.

And yeah, Xelors require a lot of know-how.
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when i started i found best solo was fire cra

fire iop is good too but takes damage where you can kite like crazy with a cra.

the options listed above are good as well, and with changes xelor may be better. tanky ranged is gonna be foggernaut, all the otehr ranged classes arent very tanky.

Also the key to soloing is aoe. so strong aoes are also found in osa, sadi, and pandas.
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Cra(range and good damage) Panda(amazing AoE range and kite well)

Osa(summon do everything for you)

Eni(self heal but can do good damage too)
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A general note. Some classes take alot to know from the beginning. If this is your first character then you will make mistakes when building and you will learn overtime. Other classes are fairly simple. The thing is each class has 3 branches so one branch can be super easy to understand while another is like... crazy. So i suggest playing every class once and get to lv 15 on them to see how they play. On the guild part i suggest getting into a big guild or one that is active. I know this may seem odd to say but try to get into a big one and try it out for awhile and see if they are active and help lowers players... also try to experience the game and not power level it really helps.

yeah like people have said xelor is one of the more complicated classes.... people say that so im inclined to say it as well ive never considered them difficult. The thing with xelors is they require you to plan alot of what you want to do. Also they can be played in alot of ways. Best of all they are very hybrid orientated to a degree. I built my xelor always on utility so i can do a bit of everything but im mostly fire dd. If you have a hard time understanding a xelor try finding a high level xelor or ask a player about a high level one to point you to them and ask them questions if they dont mind.

Now regarding foggernauts. I consider foggernauts maybe one of the hardest classes to master. Especially with the update to them. Stasis is very good but relies heavily on gear and takes awhile before it starts being amazing. Earth is tank and can be like super damage as well so they are pretty good. Fire is amazing ... i havent ran into any high level fire foggers though but not many people play foggernauts is what i attribute it to. So know that foggernauts are maybe one of the least played classes. I literally could go on and on about foggernauts but if you want to know more about them go read the revamp notes or go to the class section. Going to the class section to read about different classes and what main people who play them say is a good way to learn a class.

I know your new so the best i can say is take your time while picking your class and try to pick something you love to play instead of what is easiest or op. Cause if you do start playing seriously then you would get bored and its so painful to start leveling something you actually like.

Sorry if this is long and ramble-y i just felt i should say this...
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Earth Osa is actually a really good solo class. They can damage with their spells and heal with their Gobgob. It's a very underused but versatile class.
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Max Lone Sadida, spam Manifold to do damage at range in a huge AoE and Mudoll to heal yourself. Stat an MP and you're immortal. Every other class in the game pales in comparison to an earlygame Sadida.
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Thanks ALOT for all your replies! I've been playing an Enutrof and I find it really fun! I like the mechanic with the mines + having a minion of some sorts is really nice.
Think I'll try Sadida next, or I might just go with Osa
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