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New to Wakfu? Don't know what to stat pre level 30?

By OrehRuoy - MEMBER - October 06, 2013, 06:40:37
I see a lot of posts or replies about people asking what to stat for their class/build. If you are a new player and making a new character you need to know that at level 30 you get a FREE respec of all your skills and abilities.

I read recently someone said they saved points... there is absolutely no reason to save points before level 30 for an ap or so on.

You really have 2 options pre level 30.

Option 1) Your new so you want to try out different branches to see what you like best. That is no problem. Use all of the spells if you want and find which is most fun to you or what you think is the best. You can just reset them anyways and focus on what you choose.

Option 2) Always stat for the branch you chose. If you choose the fire branch stat fire dmg. Everything else is not worth it pre level 30. Sure the dmg % won't be a lot either but it will be your most beneficial stat.

Never stat HP no matter what your level is. It is not worth it at any level. Kit skill is an ok 2nd option pre 30 if you want to get your gob set faster or something like that.

TLDR: You get a FREE respec at level 30. Use all your points. Test out things if you wish. It will have no dire consequences.
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is hp bad as sadida?
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Hp is bad as any class
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OrehRuoy|2013-10-20 20:53:34
Hp is bad as any class
Only if you're going pure HP. tongue
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HP is not too bad for sac tongue 
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