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Earth/Air/Crits Set for around level 100?

By OrehRuoy - MEMBER - September 29, 2013, 01:49:35
I was thinking like whispering set with kraken so on. What do you guys suggest for a around level 100 set?
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Well dual element gear around 100 is hard to come buy since when that gear was created dual elements wasn't an option for builds. Either way if you are going Air/Earth/Crit Whispered set, Kraken epps, Moowolf ammy and ring. Shadofang and Vamp boots along with a Jelly sword and your choice of dagger. Or you could go Vamp set and use Kraken breastplate everything else the same. Either way you'll have btwn 20-24 crits and 200-230 damage for the two elements as a base. Keep in mind gear is being revamped so figures will change.
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