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French Speakers to Translate Class Guides

By Cardioes May 08, 2013, 16:33:54
Greetings Wakfu Community,

Because it seems like our English community is severely lacking in up-to-date/in dept class guides, I was wondering if any French-English speakers would be kind enough to translate some of the guides on Wakfu-World and perhaps bring them over to WakfurIops. I like to review Wakfu-World from time to time, but Google's translate feature leaves much to be desired =). Of course, this isn't just for me. I believe that having a correct translation of these guides would help benefit our community, or at least encourage others to begin posting their own. This has perhaps become even easier with the new 'Set Builder' update on Wakfu-elements Wakfu-Elements (Set builder) (Which is a fantastic upgrade from what it used to be).

Just a passing thought =).

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Hi Guardian,

I'll look into translating this if it has not yet been done. For future references, here is a link to my thread.



Thank you very much for your initiative Nosferul =), it is much appreciated.
Not a problem. I've been on the Wakfu4iops website and not quite sure what you're asking for. My first time on that site. In the worse case, I can translate the builds that seem to have been created by others on my thread. I'm not a pro at logistics software so I won't be able to quite replicate what the builds show here but I can make it clear and precise.
No problem. Want me to take a peek at some of these?
Well, I'm french. The builds on ww aren't very good. Most are not up to date. Then there are plenty of builds that are made ​​for originality, but are useless HL. Effective builds are rarely written because they are considered obvious. I don't want people following them thinking it's good stuff.
I'm willing to bet a lot of guides are out of date. Considering the many changes to classes and spells people don't want to bother. Ankama can't even keep the descriptions in game or online up to date. 
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