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Beginner Class?

By Ajuk August 28, 2012, 17:13:06

Any advices on the most noob-friendly, solo sutainable class? Or basically the class to learn the game?
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Iops - simple, yet powerful class. You will fight in close combat and there learn basics. Read forum for whole build or ask other players.
Once you will start to get those, i would choose sacrier. That is another step forward, as they have a bit more complex spells and many tasks in group fighting.
Last step is either cra, xelor, feca or ecaflip. Once you will master one of those, you should be able to play every class. Those four classes have specific tactics and usually fights at distance. With them you should learn about ranged attacks, tactics and how to run away.
As always, this is only my opinion, but I am sure, that most players will say that iops are most 'noob-friendly'.
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