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great supporting charachters

By mapleshifter - MEMBER - November 09, 2013, 04:59:45
i want to be a supportive class but idk what class to go with i find panda boring and not to my taste and i dislike eni, some help would be appreciated
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mapleshifter|2013-11-09 04:59:45
i want to be a supportive class but idk what class to go with i find panda boring and not to my taste and i dislike eni, some help would be appreciated
A Xelor can be a great support in terms of gifting allies AP. A feca is also a fantastic support class, as their glyphs can gift AP or MP, or put armor on allies.
An Osa can also potentially be a support class, by using their Gobgob to heal or armor allies.
A Sadida can be a support class. They can put armor on allies using Bramble, and heal using the Muddoll spell, or one of their dolls.
Hope this helped!
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Earth sacriers are pretty much entirely support.
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There are many calsses that can be played as support imo, the sad truth is that the stupid common sense is "all you need is an eni and five damage dealers, beacause supports in wakfu are useless" false.

Support calsses are viable and can be very usefull in party, potentially more that a dd.

As said above, the most supportive classes are:
-water xelor, for ap buff and ap debuff on enemies.
-earth sac, support tank, transposition is a fantastic cc spell and sacrifice is a true life-saver.
-water and earth feca are the kings of support, you can give a lot of help in any situation. Earth can give ap, mp, range, +heal, +crit and also rebound armors; water is an elemental support, giving elemental armor or dmg, he can also cast a particular +ap armor that can potentially give A LOT of ap.
-water and earth sadi can be good support with or without dolls, water is basically a healer, earth can be a very versatile support since he can also do pretty good damage.
-pandawas can support thank to their specialities, cc and potential tankiness, evn though they are main damage dealers.

There are probably other classes that can be built as supports, but I can't think of it right now.

[Il Grigio] 
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Theese lovely metallic beings can tank just as well as sacs and can cause hefty damage too. Thing to keep in mind tho is that foggers "sacrifice" stasis flux is for the whole turn and not 1-6 hits so use it wisely.

also you pretty much cant damage and tank at same time since tanking requires you to cast blokades but their effect is just as good as sacriers tanking moves and on a + side u can gift armors via blokades by placing them next to allies then the blokade will absorb 50% of the damage that allie would normally suffer.

as a fogger (earth one) you also carry aoe nuke that literally is one of the best moves in the game but increbly expensive to use to use it on max power you will have to pay 2 wakfu points and 6 ap (1 wakfu point goes for fogginator thats why the price is 2 wakfu) but the result is mind whoping 1400 crit shebang on resi 100 targets and 900-1000 on 200 ish targets

personally im hybrid fogger with 465 earth mastery and 435 fire mastery and im just loving it, i can save my allies from tough spots or just shebang my way thro hordes of enemies and when my wakfu is used i switch to fire and can get up to 200 extra fire mastery from long ranged attacks.

anyways thats my 2 cents if you end up making a fogger dont hesitate to pm me in the game if your on remington (you can find my chars on the pointter next to my profile picture just clik on it and it will show my chars)
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basicly all classes of wakfu are support classes.
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suamfeh|2013-11-14 19:26:28
basicly all classes of wakfu are support classes.
Iops? :3
There are some classes that don't play as well to support but in general it IS possible to find a way to play almost any class any way.
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Fecas, Xelors, Sadidas, Sacrier, Osamodas, all have their ways of supporting be it through summons, positioning, armours, AP stealing, Initiative stealing, or straight up healing.

Edit: Oh yeah of course, Eniripsas... aside from heals, they can even revive monsters that your party has killed and use them against the rest of the mob for a turn.
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