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The Zebulous guide to being an incarnate.

By Zebulous - MEMBER - October 11, 2013, 11:25:26
So you clicked yes when character creation asked if you wanted to take the tutorial?
You wanted to be an incarnate? well, it ain't that grand right now.

First thing you may notice, the control interface is rather spare.
Your goal is supposed to be gathering shards of your, "heroic," soul.
Gathering said shards will unlock most of the interface, but not all.
Gather those shards! Incarnam is almost entirely liner. You must complete quests to progress. Nearly every quest will grant you a necessary ability, the quests aren't optional at all.
Keep in mind, that as an incarnate;

Your maximum level is 6

you eventually have three spells:
an earth spell with a range of one, cost 4 ap, you may hit any adjacent square this spell hits hardest of the three.

A wind spell with a fixed range of 2. cost 2 ap. You may hit one of the eight squares that are two squares from you. This is the weakest of the spells.

A water spell that is a single target heal spell with a range of like 0-4, cost 3 ap, it has a higher value than the wind spell even if it can't damage anything.

You will not use the heal spell outside the training room, I mean you can, but you will only wast precious spell exp.
Raising the wind spell to level 5 doubles its damage, I suggest you make leveling this spell a priority.
The pink wodents are weak to wind, and strong against earth. A wind spell with a base damage of 2 will hit them for 4, since you can cast the wind spell three times per turn...
Remember each spell can't level past your current character level. Once you reach level six you can't level spells anymore.

don't worry about getting locked, only the dark wodent has lock, everything else has negative lock.

It is interesting to note that spell mastery works even when each branch only has a maximum of one spell. Raising your only spell for an element to level 5, will give you 2% attack and resist for that element.

you have no quests button.
you have no emotes button.
no haven bag button.
no alternate quick bars.

There is no social button, you cannot join a guild. However, you can be invited into a guild and enjoy any guild bonuses that guild may have. A seventeen percent boost to wind or earth seems enough to have those respective spells deal an extra point of damage, occasionally. The twenty hp is also nice. You can use guild chat, and apparently your character has no face sprite on the guild roster. You will not be able to see this since you can't access the guild menu. Since you can't access the guild menu you cannot earn points for your guild.

Build: seriously?! you have four elemental attributes plus hp and initiative, that is all. I put one point in initiative and I was faster than everything, bosses included. I suspect I could have put it all into hp and still have been faster...

Wodent dungeon keys, and wodent equipment, start to drop after you defeat the lumber Jane.

Wodent Keys will not drop unless you have no wodent keys, period.
If you don't have a wodent key, each wodent will drop a key at the end of battle. Therefore it saves time to fight groups of two wodents when looking for keys.

Currently the only thing to do in incarnam, after finishing wodent dungeon the first time, is farming for the dark wodent set.

Incarnates have their own tombstone.

If you haven't completed all of the quests in incarnam you may not see a stick figure on the account screen signifying that a character slot is being used. When you move on to the character selection screen you incarnate will be there. After finishing all the incarnam quests your incarnate suddenly counts as a character and the account screen shows the character slot as filled.

When you talk to Soskay; if you click ready, instead of pressing your escape key, you will be sent directly to the character creation screen. Your name will be blank, though that is easily fixed. When you land you will no longer be an incarnate. You will have all of your items, and a full interface.

New discoveries brought on by multi men:

If you have an established character on the same account: Log into your incarnate; open and close your status or equipment menu several times with the hotkeys assigned on your keyboard. Eventually the multiman tab will start to show, and eventually stay. After that simply click the tab and have your multimen join your party. You will be suddenly totally overpowered. Even with the astrub knight by itself.
The ability of the multiman to roll for more loot is quite noticeable, I have dropped an entire dark wodent set in a single run using the astrub knight.

On the one hand it looks like a glitch. Though if you stay in incarnam long enough, you can easily open and close your inventory several times in the course of playing, and the tab will appear. That is how I discovered it. The incarnate has a limited version of the character interface, but the multiman feature is meant to be an account wide feature.
On the other hand, a brand new player, taking the tutorial for the first time, won't have access to the astrub knight or anything beyond wodent gear. If they paid for a multiman they will have access to the purchased multiman though.
(I will add here that the only piwi items that actually help an incarnate are the piwi weapons allowing for greater ranged attacks. The purple piwi hammer is melee but the hammer's attack lets you 1-shot mama wodents.)

The best feature about multimen imo, is that they let you move equipment from character to character on a single account.
Naturally I have equipped my incarnates in piwi gear. (the gear by itself doesn't provide enough of a boost to actually increase your damage by a relevant amount. The green piwi set with the piwi wand will allow your earth attack to deal one more point of damage. Since you can only use that attack once per turn, and it takes two such attacks to kill a large wodent normally, the boost seems moot. purple piwi gear will not raise the damage of your wind attack.) So the piwi armor doesn't help during battle, but it will make an incarnate as cute as the dickens!

Since regular players can visit incarnam now, they could possibly bring you piwi gear... I am not sure if incarnates have a trade menu or not...
I reciently found out that if your guild has invested in a permanent kit skill bonus, this will allow your incarnate to wear higher level gear, though kit skill is useless to an incarnate without a multiman to pass the equipment. This does mean that incarnates posses all stats, most of them are simply hidden... though even then an incarnate is so low a level, and guild bonuses are so small, that this knowledge doesn't have much use at the moment.

So there you go, the best way to enjoy a perpetual incarnate is still by having an established character, and belonging to an established guild. It is almost like having a bonsai tree. Have your guild invite your incarnate for reasonable bonuses and chat, then use your multiman to decorate your incarnate.
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Might also want to mention that there are still emotes hidden around Incarnum in chests that are partially hidden behind pillars and such
Score : 2803
Dedlaw|2013-10-11 11:34:13
Might also want to mention that there are still emotes hidden around Incarnum in chests that are partially hidden behind pillars and such
Meh, they can get those as monster drops later. I think? I care more about the class than the location.

I have necroed this thread, because more is now possible with incarnates because of the multiman update. I have added a multiman relevant section to the op.
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