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Problem with choosing alt

By Halcyon - MEMBER - October 10, 2013, 19:30:49

I'm comming back to game (after a 3-4 months of break) as a WATER ENI (lvl108) mainly.
And I would like to make an alt, but found it difficult... so I'm asking you to help me choose.

I'm wondering about those:
Fire summo osa
fire enu
water enu
or those, if upper ones sck nowadays:
earth cra
fire sac
earth panda
stasis fogger
Don't "feel" other classes/builds. So I say no to them.

alt role:
helping my eni as DD from time to time in quests or challs (nothing fancy, no UB, some dungs maybe, but mostly mobs)
alt will be always undergeared (only cheap set on)
any recommendations?
any other data you need? (my osa and enu are lvl 110+, rest is 50-80)
any words about those classes on those builds would be helpful, as after recent revamps I'm confused.
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Well Eni/Sac is always a good combo, Sac tanks and the Eni supports it as well as pick off any stragglers
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