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2nd Char

By Dedlaw - MEMBER - October 07, 2013, 16:13:28
OK so my Air Osa is almost at 50, was thinking of making a 2nd char to partner him with.

My qustion now is what role should my alt be playing?

Do I go for Water Eni as healing support?
Earth Sac for tanking?
Water Enu for the PP goodies?
A second DD to just faceroll through mobs?

Any opinions/suggestions are welcome smile 
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Some kind of support role is probably a good idea. The question is just what you want.

A water Enu is most people's first choice when it comes to playing a second character since the drop chances are just so vastly superior to a normal character and you will need good gear sooner or later.

Eni or Sac to make your DD less vulnerable are the other choice, yeah. Something like a tanky Panda or Feca also work here.

You have the right ideas about what goes well with a DD, you just need to make the choice wether it is going to be a tank or someone dropping goodies. That choice is really all up to you wink
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