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least and most played Classes 2013

By IvanSouza June 29, 2013, 05:07:42
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It seems to me people are not catching up on that "flavour of the month" thing someone mentioned here that fast anymore.

It is true that Cras used to be all over the place, Enis and Enus always will be since their advantages to any group are pretty apparent. Same goes for Pandas if people caught a glimpse on real end game.

However there are incredibly powerful classes that are not merely represented enough among the playerbase. Xelors are one of them, but even more so Rogues.

Fire Rogues are the most ridiculous thing for any kind of dungeon crawling and "normal" fights this game has seen in a while. You can just take 2 of them to ambassador dungeon and you are fine. Doesn't even matter who else is in the group.

At UBs fire rogues have very limited use, but here earth Rogues start to shine. There are some really funny strategies involving fussilade floating around.

What I want to say is that the current distribution of chars played probably doesn't reflect the actual power levels, but in a way it is a good thing that the power of certain classes is not so obvious to everyone.
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Fire Wall is what I've always wanted from Fire Feca. I always assumed it would be too powerful in the past, so I never questioned why Ankama made fire glyphs so weak for Feca. But then Ankama made the Rogue.

As Shaleigh stated, Fire Rogues are ridiculous for dungeon crawling.
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lyricalglitchen|2013-07-19 01:34:30
Very Rare: Fogger and Sram

Rare,:Xelor, Masq, Feca, Enu,

Average: Sadida, Eni, Cra, Panda, Rogue,

Common: Sac, Iop, Osa, Eca
My guild is full of enutrof, cras, pandas and iops. We have a couple of osa, sadi, sac and eni and few of the rest.

Classes become more popular when you have person in the guild who is very successful.
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ThyHolyOverlord|2013-07-26 09:06:53
lyricalglitchen|2013-07-19 01:34:30
Very Rare: Fogger and Sram

Rare,:Xelor, Masq, Feca, Enu,

Average: Sadida, Eni, Cra, Panda, Rogue,

Common: Sac, Iop, Osa, Eca
My guild is full of enutrof, cras, pandas and iops. We have a couple of osa, sadi, sac and eni and few of the rest.

Classes become more popular when you have person in the guild who is very successful.

I'd agree with that. I've always wanted to make a Water Mask and had a few ideas but never got around it. Nue, our guild mascot (I mean Mask), plays it very well and the more i see him the better the class gets.

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IvanSouza|2013-07-04 16:56:59
Asthis|2013-07-04 10:14:30
I rarely see Xelors, Fecas, Foggernauts, Srams, or Sadidas.

The would say the most popular class is the Osamodas.

People often see more of the class they are playing around, is unconscious (dont know how to spell that).

Water masq is... good, but it has few flaws comparing to Sadida: 1. It cannot heal self unless it summon Double of self and that last for 2 turns only and when it it redirect dmg to masqueraider (and cost WP's). 2. It have no ability to summon walking obstacles that you can use tactically (dolls) except own Double wich will vanish fast and cannot really play a role to avoid dmg by making enemy waste hit on it (as it still hurts you). However Masq can swap place with ally like a sacrier wich Sadida cannot do. On the other hand Sadida have gust (though its air, but still useful even at level 0) spell to help allies get out of lock while being safe itself, behind the bodies of dolls.

But isnt the Healing doll AI messed up ? masq heals comes from him, no AI.

What about dmg dealing, I know a Masq can put out an amazing burst dmg, then it falls off after the clone is gone......what about the water dolls ?

Sorry for asking soo many questions, you guys have been pretty nice and helpfull soo far.

Thank you very much

ps: Humm...every time i start digging into a class to play, i only see ppl raging and saying how worthless the build is....

but i guess this is the forums right ?

What you'll find is that a good many people have a limited understanding of how to use their class to begin with and don't think outside the box. Most characters in this game can be very good if used properly in a group and geared properly. A great deal of the forum rage is by level 60 characters who don't even have a proper build yet and and only want big numbers and then see some really geared character of another class do a ton of damage and then reroll and level to 60 and then see someone else, creating a cycle where they never actually achieve anything. If you like a class stick with it. There will be buffs and nerfs throughout the cycle of any mmo and it's the best and truly clever players who learn to roll with the punches and adapt.
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That is very true and it is astonishing how many players claim Wakfu's strategical component is next to zero.

Whenever I play with random people I notice so many mistakes they make, so little understanding on how a team should work together and the like. It is really amazing how those very same people claim it is all about gear and what class you chose then.

The first step away from this is to acknowledge your own mistakes and to try and start working on getting rid of them.
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Thank you very much for all those answers, im still trying to figure out wich class im going to main, but those replies has given me a lot to think about

I feel like leaving my Osamodas aside for a while, and try other classes.
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it seems to me everyone says that fogger is least played and least usefull
well, its kinda true, but with a good build you shouldnt ignore them.
with microbots maxed and fire and oil, iops cant get close or they will get serious damage, and with steampalm on a group of 5 enemy's, i easily hit 200 dam each twice, so thats 2000 spread damage a turn, just like with my fart of death wink 
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Just saw this thread and felt like I'd share my experience that Enus are taking over more and more.

They are generally an often played class because of the low drop rates Wakfu has and being the only class that can make things better here.

But lately a change occured. With mines no accumulating pp for any elemental attack and not only for water attacks anymore basically every Enu has become a pp carrier.

So most parties I attend have a water Enu for pouching and on top of it at least 1 more Enu since earth is probably the best single target DD in game and fire a very solid aoe class.

There were days in guild lately were I looked who is on and it was basically: Enu, Enu, Enu, Enu, Panda, Eni, Enu, Enu, Enu.

Well, you make of that what you want. Far be it from me to ask for a nerf, since my most played chars are an earth and a water Enu...but then again that has reasons...
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Enus, Enus everywhere.
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Revising what i think on this:

Very Rare: Fogger, Feca,

Rare: Xelor, Sram, Masq,

Average: Panda,Sadi, Rogue, Eca,

Common: Eni, Enu, Cra, Iop

Very Common: Sac, Osa,

Now here is the thing. Feca is very useful to groups but a more difficult class to play so ppl dont seem to for that reason, Fogger meanwhile is very Aoe.

As for the rare ones they arent played as much Sram damages teamates, and seem ot be less liked than Panda/Sac by far. Masq i think the sliding action gets on ppls nerves. And Xelor being tied to the dial and its one of the more complicated classes.

Average: I see quite a few around and they all have = amounts of pro/con. Pandas are great but more ppl pick Sacs, Rogue ppl pass up for Cra, Eca can be very frustrating, and Sadi can be a hassle to lvl if you chose dolls.Nothing is wrong with them but ppl still prefer the Common which means they dont get played as much.

Common. The useful ones...Nomatter what you do you see alot of these and yet NOT enough. The thing is you need Eni and Enu so often. And Cra really does come in handy for dungoens as well. Iop you can blow through dungeons for low lvls with very easy, and its less problematic than doing so with a Fire Rogue.

Very Common: Sac and Osa, you see these everywhere. I cant even remember the last time one or the other wasnt in the party i was in.

Tried to take intio account the game as a whole when i put this list together. The thing is I can count on one hand the Fecas, and Foggers that i know that lvled to a decent lvl. I main a Xelor but it very uncommon to play with another, same goes for Sram and Masq. The Average group basically theres usually some of these in every party.Common theres alwasy some of these and very common...pretty much alwasy.

Now mind you this varies a lot but...
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