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Broken everything.. really?

By AngelicPorcelain - MEMBER - September 20, 2012, 13:18:22

" Working Machines.

In My last Mandate we gather 2.5k of Hazel Wood and 2.1k Copper Ore .

We are maintaining 1 machine of each kind in Every City, I will scout them every 3 days,so i can monitor if its broken or working.Just pm me if we have a problem in this matter.

Please Donate kamas on the broken Machines. " ~ quoted from Fhil's newest speech.. smile

Well done smile you got people to donate things for the nations well being, i think that's wonderful and wish u all the best in continuing to do so yet if things with donations are going so well then why's half of the machines/well's etc in Brakmar still broken?

sure there is this thing we all need to get back to called real life and we cant spend countless hours trying to fix everything in a game.. yet isn't this a bit contradicting towards your whole campaign u stand for? If you do not have enough hours in your day due to real life things then why not take a longer vacation.. no one blamed you for that.
people support u and follow u they are even willing to donate as you stated above yet other nations aren't as lucky thou those governors have done their best to try and keep things fixed up to date using their own time, resources and allot of love/patience for the game, from what I've been following anyway..

Im not here to attack anyone or say your not doing your best in your own way yet my question is, if things do indeed go this well then why have things been broken from the last mandate till today? a week isn't enough or well are other things in game more important at the moment? cant help but ponder smile

a note to Fhil and his Government,
a curious by stander (Talisa)
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Hi Talisa.

First of all good morning,
anyway maybe you pass by this words.
you can find it on this thread:

What we did in The New Fire of Brakmar II *Fortification* (Brakmar Government)

Click here

Anyway i stopped fixing machines because its conflict, I examined that without a good defense for Ogrest Chaos,All machines/workshop that will manage to fixed will be destroy again.So first of all we change the plan.We will fortified our army first who can help to defend our Nation from Ogrest Chaos.Without a people who can defend our machines , All the hardwork and patience of our people will go to nothing. We will maintain 1 working machine of each kind so our crafter will still dont need to cross border to lvl there profession. I will always Scout our Machines every 3 days.But much better if you can tell me if we are lack of machines in Brakmar Cities or Fields.Always defend our machines.Thank you.


I made a donation system,
First of all already donated 10k kamas and lot of time cutting and replanting Hazel trees,just for fixing workshop and hazel events since my first mandate.I think this is the right time that other player will donate some kamas too.

i think there is nothing wrong in every city in brakmar,This is my Last check of Brakmar Workshop this last tuesday.

------------------------------Scara Pass
leather shop:3+2
-----------------------------Goblard Boulevard
wood lathe:1+1

----------------------------------Martial Path
stove :1+1
AOE weapon Forge:1
CC Weapon Forge:1+2
LD Weapon Forge:2+2

As i Promise , we will maintain 1 working machine of each kind.On Remington , Brakmar have the best number of working machines/workshop.Yep this mandate im a little bit busy because i have a problem with my Account someone is tearing my equipment day by day.So i need to make a solution for that first.

Suklavanukas,Old Jumper,Jess,Caya, almost all the member of our Old Guild in Brakmar Eternal and Veteran Brakmarian,helping me to revive Brakmar everyday.We need you in Brakmar.
Score : 2203
It's all good if you feel your duties as governor has become too much and you cant fix all the machines even with donations being made to help you smile i can completely understand, were all just human after all yet i don't see the point in not fixing the well's as i also stated ^^ you seem to forget they play a very important role in wakfu as well.

Anyhow thanks for writing me back such a long and wonderful script smile truly appreciated.
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