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Hydrius For Governor!!!

By Sting-Shotter - MEMBER - May 14, 2014, 01:14:59

I am going to participate in the next Brakmarian elections (19/5/2014), i hope many will support me in this and that i can be Governor and that i can make it a better more solid brakmar.

Here a few of my ideas:

- All recources will be refilled everyday and everywhere across whole Brakmar.
- All the monsters will be watched and there will be enough to kill.
- Bonusses will never be empty, i will make sure you all have the best bonusses possible.
- I am going to try to make Brakmar Outpost the biggest market ingame.
- If i become governor i will organize a big PVP Tournament.

Hope you like my ideas and now get your lazy bums over and vote for me on the next elections.

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Hey Hydrius I wouldn't mind voting for ya.

The ideas you mentioned are mostly mandatory as for any governor to watch the eco, the pvp tournie I'm sure people will love. I think what the people want from a governor is someone who listens to what the have to say and is polite, helpful in every aspect.

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