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Government of Brakmar, 31th January - 14th Febraury

By X-Alex February 02, 2014, 13:50:59
Dear Brakmarians,

Thanks everyone for the votes! This is my second mandate, and I’m really sorry for writing this post late tongue. But 'nuff said, you’re not here to listen to my story. Let’s talk about the Nation!


As you can see the environment is (almost) always fixed, except for the Gobballs. This could give us a lot of trouble, because they grow very fast, but luckily they will cost us only a +5hp bonus. The serious problem is Gnashville: it’s usually unfixed, but not because Kraloves grow fast, but because people keep planting them and keep killing Mussels! We all should do the opposite! So I’m asking you to try your best for this, because unfortunately I can’t enable the environmental protection for them. This because they give a lot of XP and nice drops, so please, plant them back if you kill any.


Lots of people are asking me to start a war against Bonta to conquer territories, but I won’t do that. This is not because I don’t want to get some new land, but because wars give a lot of trouble to players (for example with grouping people or because everyone got aggroed when walking on enemy ground).


Luckily, markets aren’t a problem, and they are doing fine. Brakmar gains new sellers and earns more kamas every day, so I don’t consider it necessary to apply any changes to this. Ofc, you’re all welcome to sell items and stuff in Brakmar, regardless of your nation!


As you could see in this mandate I had to change some gov. members, but not because the old members were not able for this work, but because they wanted to take a break from the game. So right now, here we have the new government members:

Governor: Unix


Army General: Anael

Head Guard: Gearsheky

Weather Engineer: Kattar

Challenger: Eimeric

Treasurer: Eriens

Ecologist: Vula

We’re open to any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share anything with us!

Kisses, Unix happy 
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