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Government of Amakna, 7th December - 4th January

By LadyRinsun December 12, 2013, 15:56:17
Heya everyone!

The past weeks have been pretty quiet for Amakna, so it's time we get things back on track again. I'd like to thank everyone for lending so much support to me. I'm going to to my best again for Amakna, and I couldn't have made it this far without you. Now, to business!~

First of all, the market. Yes, the market, again. But this time, it's very good news! Remember the rebuilding and hard work on Crusty Road and Traff Algar Square? Times were hard for us, but we sticked together and managed to rebuild a market place on those locations a few times. Unfortunately, when we had a great market at Traff Algar Square, the Dragoturkeys there were removed, leaving Amakna with little options for a nice central spot to meet people and trade. We all worked hard on Crusty Road, which was getting livelier indeed thanks to many of you, but not quite yet as good as our markets were before, unfortunately.

BUT! After the constant rebuilding of markets, watching them die, rebuilding them again through better or worse - things have become easier for us. A lot easier. Since the huge revamp of the Headquarters, which are now the Outposts, many chances for building a good market have been offered to each nation. Our strenght and unity we had shown all this time shall not be in vain, because this was a great chance to apply this to rebuild our nation's market and restore it to its former glory, for once and for all!

And so we did. We succeeded. We've managed to revive Amakna's market place and made it a place to socialize, chill around, trade, dance, and more! A great job has been done, and we did this together. Thanks to everyone's help and combined forces, we achieved something great and our nation lives again! I knew we could do it smile I'm really really happy with this! *sheds tear*

Congratulations to everyone and many many thanks - we can be proud of ourselves.

Every market place needs constant input though, so let's definately stick with what awesomeness we've built so we can enjoy our cozy hub at the Outpost for as long as possible!

As for the current Government, some of you may have noticed it's still not completely filled up yet. Due to circumstances some people that were joining couldn't anymore, and others had to leave. I'm sorry for the inconvenience - we're doing our best to fill it up as soon as possible. We're looking for people from as many different guilds as possible, as usual, to spread the citizens' representativeness.

A little re-emphasizing on what you can expect from the current Government - sometimes people forget or just don't get to know at all you can always let us know if you need our help on something! (Sorry, I'm broke, so I can't offer you that! xD).

- Need weather changed for your crops? Just ask the Weather Engineer (or if he/she is offline: the Vice Governor of me).
- Bad ecosystem alert? Contact the Ecologist as soon as possible. Trying to fix it yourself is highly appreciated too, of course! The more help, the better.
- Fights, conflicts going on or having troubles with aggressions somewhere in our nation? The Head Guard & Army General are here to help you out. We like to adhere to the philosophy of talking first, though, so please keep it as peaceful as possible and we'll try to solve things for you.
- Ideas for an event or environmental challenges? Ask the Challenger!
- Questions about our nation's funds or economy? Our Treasurer knows it all~

Of course, you can contact anyone from the Government if you need help on something. This is just to give a rough indication of who's 'specialized' in what. Got anything to share? Don't hesitate to let us know! ^^

So, everyone enjoying the Multimen update? (I still don't have one myself yet, darnit.) I think it's important to emphasize not to forget to team up with each other though, yet to give everyone space to toy around with this new amazing feature. *Motherly role fulfilled again* xD Have fun with the Multimen, everyone! smile And if you bite each other's heads off, just contact the Head Guard or Army General to bite you back. I mean, to help you solve your issues peacefully c:

*Huff huff* Enough typing for now. This post shall be updated from time to time again. We're still considering to organize an event (Hunger Games perhaps again! wink), but we're not sure yet when would be the best time. Anyways, feel free to share anything (ideas, complaints, just boredom) on this topic or to let us know in-game!

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna
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Ecologist Arachi Reporting In!

Okay so Emelka has turned into a real problem again. Today alone I must have fixed it 4 times in the past 2 hours. It wasn't an eco terrorism or anything like that, it was purely just 'natural' over-population of the treechnids.
Emelka experienced repeated problems along with some of the other areas such ah Holey Forest but they others seemed to stay fixed for longer.

The only way I have found is to keep Emelka's Eco like this:
The red highlighted section shows the 3 most influential assets to keeping the Treechnid population down:
Treechnids themselves: 130 or lower
Herbs: 700+
Spiders: 550+

As the herbs are very hard to keep at 700, with everyone taking so much and not replanting. (tonight we had to plant from about 450 to 700) I have protected them for the time being.

This is merely a quick update, I hope we can come up with a better solution.

~ Amakna's Currect Ecologist Arachi

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Hey Arachi! Thanks a lot for the update and the hard work you've put into this :3

Nice to have an overview of what exactly can be done to keep Emelka balanced, as it's indeed such a hard area to maintain. It didn't help we had several ecosystem resets as well this week, because of the many updates and hotfixes.

As usual, we'll do our best to maintain the ecosystem's balance so we can all enjoy our nation's bonuses ^^

It's almost impossible to do this on our own though, so if you like to have some nice area bonuses, please help us with maintaining the balance. This way we can keep our bonuses activated for as long as possible smile

Arachi's overview provides a nice summary to all of us about what everyone can do to help keep Emelka balanced. Thanks a lot for your hard work Arachi ^^

We may or may not keep the protection switched on concerning the herbs - this will require some discussion with the members of the Government first.

Time to pimp our nation's ecosystem!

Also, our nation's funds are increasing daily, so we decided to do something with it that benefits all of us. We've come up with the idea to change one challenge per area each day, to keep some variety in-game concerning those. We'll make sure to work on a variety of areas, so players of all levels can enjoy different environmental quests now and then!

We've made a schedule of the challenges that change per day and area:
EDIT: See Hyr's post below smile

Got any challenges you'd like to see somewhere on Thursday and Friday? Don't hesitate to let us know and we'll see what we can do for you ^^

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna
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In the new Rayne's mandate, I'm in the challenger rank. I'll be responsible for arrange special challenges and in-game events. It is necessary that Amaknian players can fully enjoy the game, having a good leveling and fun. Challenges like: hunt monsters with a group, among other things, bringing a larger group interaction and experience.

Every day of the week, I'll put a challenge in a diferent place, at the Almanax time. Below is the list and their respective challenges:

Monday: Fertile Prairie (Level 20-30)
Tuesday: Singing Fields (Level 30-40)
Wednesday: Holey Forest (Level 40 - 50)
Thursday: (Level 30-40)*
Friday: Fertile Prairie (Level 20-30)
Saturday: Emelka (Level 50 - 60)**
Sunday: Emelka (Level 50 - 60) **

* We need to encourage playing in these areas.
** Emelka is the place that most players get leveling.

Some events with our players will be made to have more interactions. More informations soon.

If you have any suggestion or opinion, send a private message for me. Other questions sent to me will be placed in the "quick answers".

- Hugs from Hyr, the Lord of challenges.
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Wheat has gone extinct in Farle's Fields and Gobballfield Country and I'm working to fix it.
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Thanks for the update and the schedule, Hyr! I'm glad we're doing something with the challenges again :3 It's been a while ^^


Great work Koggers! biggrin Thanks a lot ^^

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna

Edit on 23-13:

Thanks a lot for suppoting us again last elections, everyone! smile I decided not to make a new topic for a new mandate again, as the plans we wrote about here are still present and this provides a better overview (I think).

We have something epic in store for you all - which I will write about as soon as possible. *Drumrolls* So be sure to keep an eye on the forums because we'll keep you updated ^^

In the meantime, we've started working on a Gig-Event! It's time to revitalize our Crusty Road Band Amaknian Outpost Band, a.k.a. The Amak Looneys and make a huge musical gathering, for everyone to join! The simple, yet effective emotes in Wakfu can be great fun in-game. Remember the Crusty Road Band? A little group of funny weirdo's together making music, singing (typing, but whatever) weird songs and making Wakfu lyrics on existing songs (credits to Jannetfenix: Greatest Hits). And let's not forget dancing! It starts out small, but over time more and more people gather, and we hope to gather as many as possible soon! The awesome phenomenon of people gathering around something cool and derpy and spontaneously having lots of fun and laughs!

The Crusty Road Band - Ages ago, but still somewhere in 2013 lel

And some people unpacked their emotes again at our market in Traff Algar Square, supported with some creative lyrics~

This time, we started another gig in the Amaknian Outpost.

It started out small, as usual.

Aaanndd... someone joined in to support our music with some Bilbizian beatboxing and we managed to find ourselves a drummer!

And suddenly, again more people joined, Kogerk came up with a name, aaand we have a band!

So apparantly, for some reason, people like to gather around for some singing, dancing and playing instruments in-game! It's still small, but we'll make this into something and push this further to make an event out of it! Let's establish an innocent and fun gig-event with as many people as possible. As soon as you see a gig starting at the Amaknian Outpost, don't hesitate and join in for more music! So get those emotes, instruments, lyrics and whatever else you like out and turn this into a Bilbiza at Amakna! See this page for the event's page by Kogerk for more info & explanation.

I'm sure with the upcoming Christmas days and events and stuff, everyone will be busy celebrating these nice and cozy days. I hope you'll all have lots of fun and stuff to nom c:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna
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Merry Kwismas and Christmas everybody! And be sure to join in the musical events, but if it's not a event why not start a spontaneous music festival anyway and get your friends and guildies to join in, and if you need a singer who likes to wakfuinize songs, whisper me in game.

-Kogerk AKA Koggie AKA Koggers.

P.S Someone tell Rayne to stop making nicknames for me, it's hard to keep track.
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Hey again everyone!

Remember I said we have something epic coming up? We can let the drumrolls begin, because it's time to announce, once again, the International Hunger Games Event! Get out your best skills of fighting, stealth, epicness and more - because you'll need them to claim victory! This fourth version of the Hunger Games Event will be held this Friday, 3rd February. Check out the page at the event section for everything you need to know about this event and how to join it, or have a look at the previous (very successful!) Hunger Games Events 1, 2 and 3! Don't miss it!

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna


Dear Amaknians,

After a long time of having ran the nation, it's time for me to have a break again. This time, it will probably be a longer break than one or two mandates. This means that, starting from the next mandate, I shall withdraw myself from the Government. I am unsure yet as of how much I will remain involved in political affairs. (I won't be gone forever though, everything will probably start itching to run again after a few months. See the text below as well x)).

I have decided to stop running for Governor for several reasons. Most of all, I'm currently in my final year of my studies and it's just super busy. After so many mandates in a row, studies, a job and more, I really need to rest. Aside from that, Amakna is at peace, the nation is doing great. For the past 1,5 year, we have had a lot to work on and we achieved many goals. Amakna is doing great.

Together, we have achieved a great many things. On top of all things, we have finally rebuilt a market place, which isn't only a place to trade, but also to get together and have fun with each other. I hope the nation will stay as coherent as it is and that we shall keep the warm unity we have together. I am proud of all the Government members we've had and the citizens of our nation. When the time comes, when people need something again, I'd be glad to come back to help and support the nation on achieving it. I won't be gone forever. As I always say: (thanks Arnold, for the great phrase) I'll be back wink

I'd like to thank all the Government members, the past members, the citizens of the nation, my loyal and ever-supportive guildmates from Signature, the big and small guilds of the nation, my dear boyfriend Blantuise, for helping me and the nation and together support our welfare. I couldn't have done all of this without you. We did this together. And you have my greatest thanks for that smile I love you all {3

Back to our last business! Tomorrow, the Fourth Hunger Games will start at 13:00 Wakfu time! Don't miss it! Be sure to bring along your friends and guildmates and show everyone what you're made of in this massive survival game! Go for it! ;D

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna 
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We will miss you, Rayne :3
I've learned a lot from you and I hope you will be back soon, Amakna needs you
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Thanks for everything Rayne ^^
Glad to still have you co-leading the guild wink

So many good memories too... lets celebrate it at the Hunger Games event. And lets hope the next governor is aiming as much at unity and an ever-friendly Amakna as you did.
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Thanks for the kind words everyone smile (also tho those in-game). I really appreciate it. I will miss the Government very much too. I will be back as soon as possible.

About the last event: The Hunger Games! They have come to an end. It was super epic and a lot of fun again. Visit this page for all details and information about it, screenshots & experiences. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped me organize it!

As for the upcoming mandate, Sisma will run in my stead. We have been friends for quite a while now, and he's an honest, reliable and nice person. I think he'll be a great Governor. It would be great if you could lend him your support smile

Thanks for your help Sisma!

@Blantuise: Definately good memories! But it won't be only those - we'll make more memories in the future.

Well, then it's time for me to say goodbye for a while as Governor. *Drumroll + Arnold Schwarzenegger-theme*: "I'll be back."

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna 
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