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Brakmarian Government

By AsunaKotomi - MEMBER - September 27, 2013, 18:14:17
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Maybe I should get in touch with our ecologist.

I've spent two days by myself, returning a little diversity to the farming on Pabong Fields. Just one field for now, adding low level plants that are useful: artichokes, barley, tubers, etc. That however still leaves a lot of other fields. It'd be great if more people could work on this.

Or have people mostly turned to their private fields in Haven Worlds?
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I have been repairing the Eco in Brakmar yesterday with the help of Guildies since someone was ruining it on purpose. If you could help keeping the Diversity at Fields, that would be awesome since i have to Work a lot off Game and i can only do what i can to keep it stabilized.

If all Brakmarians would help that'd be nice!

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It's slow going, especially since I'm a low level newbie. Thus I can't clear the oats or babbages. I'll just work around them smile

I didn't realize we had someone breaking stuff on purpose again. Could simply be a Stasis guy harvesting without replanting, right? Doesn't -have- to be eco-terror.

Whoops! Damn, I wasnt paying attention and then I went over the eco-limit. That cost me some CP :/

I see that an early election was called. Dare I ask "what is it now?". Did someone get their underoos in a twist? Or is there a good reason for an early .gov switch?
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Hi, I wanna write in this post too, so everyone can read my reason smile
I wanna give a chance to players to be Governor and see what they'll do for our nation; me and my vice want to take a stop by Government, we've done 4 mandates (so 2 months) and we realize that we don't have so much time in this last period. But if we see that the new Government is unable to manage the Nation, maybe I'll come back to get everything in order, btw I wanna give an opportunity to others players 'coz maybe they could be better than me smile

I wanna thank all the members of my gov for the hard work that they've done for all the 4 mandates and also the citizens who help us in this period, I'm really glad about it qwq


EDIT: This isn't an early election, that message appears in each ends of mandate xD I dunno why Ankama do that °-°
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My guildies explained about the message. It's weird, no? Either way, thank you for all your help and work!

With regards to the new elections: only two people registered and both of them are stasis players. I felt odd voting for statis players, when we need upkeep on our ecosystem smile So I picked the lesser of two evils, with 56% vs 99% statis wink 
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