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Maverick Hunter, Brakmar government

By Lapire October 05, 2011, 18:12:41
Good Day dear Brakmarians, Im Maverick Hunter and i want to help Brakmar to grow as a nation.

During my government i want to help our economy grow by keeping our taxes in 10%, this way merchants will rather to sell in brakmar than in any other nation, that means more money for our nation so we can unlock challenges and have a stable weather so you dont have a problem collecting materials.

Im know that we are not as strong as Amakna or Bonta (yet), but im aware that we are growing 10 times faster than they did, thats why we are going to do our best by trying to keep at least 1 of the islands.

We cant forget that we are a new nation, in order to keep growing we have to stay together, thats why im offering a English/Spanish talking government. Because we all have something important to say.

This is a new government, this is time for a better future, this is time for Brakmar!!

Maverick Hunter
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Thats silly because you need 1000 kama for a single challenge, and you sure as hell aint getting any by having 10% taxes.

And the challenges are nearly the cheapest basic needs.
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