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White-Twilight - [No Longer Exists]

By Nanaers - MEMBER - September 25, 2011, 04:44:52

General Information

Nation: Brakamar

About Us
We are a friendly guild who do dungeon runs, xp hunts, drops and more. For all the new members who join us we can help you with
unlimited information and if you need some bits of a set your dying to complete well see if we can do anything about it Oh yeah and were the branch guild for Black-Twilight.

Requirements for joining
-Active player
-Fluent english

-Be kind and polite
-Respect to guild members and non guild members
-Robbing or insulting guild mates will result in permanent ban

If you would like to join us leave a comment below with your (we accept all levels)
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IGN: Takedo
Level: near 36
Class: Earth Pandawa
Other characters in Black-Twilight: Enuchiyofu &.. Water Eca: Eighteenth (if I remember correctly)

Brakmar character but I'm running around in Amakna tongue

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join other guild.

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I ask to inform contacts for diplomatic communication: icq, skype or other.

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Earth Pandawa

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IGN: Verio
Class: Cra (mainly earth and some wind)
Current Level: 11
Nation: Brakmar
Server: Remington

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I'd join your guild. Just started a new char in Brak, still low level. His name is Magnetite smile 

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Goreshade LV 27 Sacier

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Can I get an invite please smile


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After much discussion we have dicided to merge our two guilds together and now Black-Twilight is accpeting ALL nations if you would like to apply for the guild please leave a comment _Click here
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Hey yo!

Nanner.. Remember me? Ivalice here, sorry for bringing back an extremely old post, but it seems like the only way to talk to you and i cant seem to PM you at all.

Not surprise if you forgotten me since its been soooo long, i was in the close beta and was looking for Singaporean players, and you invited me to your guild. Remember? i think i was playing a air iop, then an air sac, and i remember we were always fighting against this crazy explo sadi..........

Anyways, im thinking of playing back wakfu, but kinda hesitating if its worth paying to play. So just wanna check things out with you here to make my decision. If possible, PM me or just reply thru this old guild post and any other ways thats possible to contact me!

Cheers! Glad to find you active on the forum, which leads to me finding you! wink
Hope to hear from you soon!

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I'm subscribing Wednesday or Thursday and i'm trying to find a friendly guild to contribute to. If you can send me an invite IG, that would be awesome. Thank you.

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This is a guild from the Beta phase of the game and does not exist anymore.

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