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Deja Vu [Remington]

By ShibuyaChan February 18, 2013, 19:26:38
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Same here, but we'll find each other online eventually, I guess biggrin 

Same here, hopefully we will be online at the same time sometime soon!
We want to join you, still recruiting? cant add the names listed on the first page...
if we can join could you look for Dropamina or Delaah or Deeako? just names to talk with us.
Hi there,

excuse me but what is your timezone? Where are you from ? smile Trying to pm you without success.
My timezone is GMT+1 try to reach me in the afternoon or evening !

See you in-game!
Welcome to the newcomers! And a small bump for the glory~
Back to the game, updated thread
Hello I'm a lvl 43 Bontarian Iop and I would like to join this guild please! In-Game Name: Mortulepsy
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