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Deja Vu [Remington]

By ShibuyaChan February 18, 2013, 19:26:38

Hello everybody!

We are Deja Vu, an international, English speaking Guild on Remington and currently recruiting!

Information about the Guild
  • We own a Havenworld at Pancake Bridge in Bonta
  • We are a lvl 10 Guild with all Bonuses unlocked
  • Our Guild is linked to the nation of Amakna
  • We are not a big Guild with currently approximately ~10 Members
  • We will never become a big society in order to keep familiarity
  • Your alts are allowed to join
  • Caring for our friends is our first priority
  • We all work together to get the Guild to big success

What we can offer you

  • A friendly family in the game that will accept you for who you are
  • Assistance for your needs regarding dungeon runs and/or equipment
  • Descision-making that will involve you all the time
  • Somebody who listens to your complaints and will try to make things better
  • The best time you could ever have on Wakfu

What you shouldn't expect

    [*]We are not a substitute for the non-existing Group-Finder.
    It is not guaranteed that you will find a group to a specific dungeon whenever you wish to
    [*]We are not responsible for your fights with other people
    Don't expect us to go on war with your enemies
  • Being online 24/7 is an impossible thing for us to do

Please be a mature player who knows how to behave and be responsible for your acts. To make sure of this, we will not accept anybody who is not yet at the age of 16.

If you are interested, you can message one of the people listed below to get an invite. We are looking forward to welcome new members to our small, lovely squad.
(And if you wonder why the emblem is pink: well, a girl made it, so you better say it's awesome!)

  1. Shayapouf
  2. Armadar
  3. Sleepyh
  4. Final-Roll
  5. Fefe
  6. Suzy
  7. Barrely Original
  8. Kaidass
  9. Funny-Bones

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Count me in, of course!!!

Also I would recommend people to join, great master and always trying to help everyone biggrin

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Great smile Just need to wait til Feb 26th so I can add your masq,huh? ;D
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Good luck. Starting a guild with your gf/bf is a good start; sounds really familiar to me.

See ya arround.

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Wooo sounds great! Good luck!

-Xx Rayne
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We're still looking for fashionable members for our lovely guild. some ppl decided to pay us a visit already, maybe you should join too and enjoy the friendly ppl of the guild. smile

Be sure to expect support in game in case of items ,exp and questions (of course we can't leech you 24/7, you should try to find your own ways to exp aswell!).

I'm looking forward to any of you who are interested wink 
Score : 105
Good Luck

- Gaiden Zangetsu
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still looking for members :3
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Bump for more members wub 
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Score : 116
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Please could bump your threads in a more creative way firstly any new members who join your guild get them to post here or any member other than the guild leader who has not already posted on this thread. You could also post promotions, events, recent achievements or general news which is related to your guild. Many guilds including mine bump our threads but we at least try to make it interesting for people to read which we pray will encourage new members to join.

P.S this is a free bump

JerryDB (Professional Guild Bumper)
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Oh is there a rule which prohibits to bump in a 'boring' manner? tongue didnt know about that one.
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According to the rules it is forbidden to "bump", one of those rules that is seemingly never enforced.
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Please could bump your threads in a more creative way

but we at least try to make it interesting for people to read

Oioioi~ I think bumping's annoying too, but I believe Lon-Lon wasn't aware it's not allowed on the forums v.v
You could also post promotions, events, recent achievements or general news which is related to your guild.

Nice suggestions tho c: And lol
JerryDB (Professional Guild Bumper)

-Xx Rayne
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Alright, sorry to anybody I've been disturbing with my bumps. I'm actually not a forum-person and all the forums which i have visited so far allowed bumping their threads.

Anyway, the show must go on. Yesterday we've reached Guild Level 10 and now we are being able to wear the Chaferion Insignia - that's great ! But we wanted to become much,much better and therefore our search for new member goes on.

The guild is still small, we're having nice chats everyday and having nice exp-runs. If you think you could imagine being a part of it, just give me a shout! Since the Guild is international, I accept every nation.

Don't be shy and make a move !

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Hey there,

I'm interested in the guild because i'm very new and I have no idea where to start.

My ingame name is Ruze-Frins (with the dash and capital letters)

I'll try to PM you but in case I don't get you, this will notify you maybe.

Oh and I'm Ankama, if that's okay with you?

Currently 19, single.
Score : 90

I'm interested in joining the guild, I am a level 79 Water Eni, I mainly play with my 2 alts, a 79 Water Enu and a 80 Fire cra. I've been playing a month but the person I started the game with seems to have disappeared so it seems I don't actually know anyone in the game anymore. I'd just like to join a guild that will play with me, go on dungeon runs and chat. Don't want/need leeching or anything like that just abit of social interaction to stop me going crazy... or worse, quitting :p

Anyway, if I seem acceptable please message me on Miss-Pigalot, as I am terrible at checking forums...

Score : 2451
Wooowoooo go Déja Vu! Seeing more members running around lately biggrin

-Xx Rayne
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