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[English] Equilibrium

By Nanaers January 19, 2013, 19:02:09
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Just a short guide that we've made for moowolf (Sacrier part)

its not the whole fight as bananners lags when streaming xD But it gives a good idea for sacriers what're they supposed to do. Ofc its a brainless 100% win tac. I will be making more guide vids of UBs when i manage to fix my fraps, so in time!
Hope it helps!

- Stylia
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Hello Equilibrium,
- Raevanos
- Lvl 37 Air cra
- I have been playing Dofus for a few years and started on Wakfu about 2 months ago. I love the game but it can be quite boring without like-minded individuals. I heard from Valpuri that this guild is awesome so I would love to be a part of it! Hope you guys can help :-)
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Hello there Raevanos!
We would love to have you in our roster! Feel free to find either Nanners, Laciel, Nokorin or Styliaqt for an invite! Or we will find you. x)

- Stylia
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Greetings. My name is Neza and I'm a level twenty Xelor. I'm still new to the World of Twelve so I'm mostly just fumbling through the lands. I'm looking to join a guild to make some new friends and have people give me in-game advice when I have a quick question.
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Class: Sadida
Name: Calypso
Lvl: 91
I just got back into game after 10month break and enjoying it again.
Theres many new things after such a long break and I might be abit lost for awhile.

I have played wakfu since beta. Always the sadida wink. At release I was actively helping progress of the world (was helping find the elite riktus dungeon in sufokia for example, or well I was the farm bot for the bombs tongue )

About professions I decent amound of tailoring (around 75) and few high gathering skills.

I was wondering is this multi national guild (im from sufokia)? Just contact me ingame if theres still room
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Hello there Neza and Aewyn.
Id love to welcome both of you and ask if you could give either me Styliaqt, Laciel or nanners a whisper for an invite x)

Also Calypso ur name rings a bell to me.. Not sure from where i know you tongue And no it doesnt matter if you're a different nation. We have members from all 4 nations.

Really hope you will enjoy your stay!

- Stylia
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EDIT: Sorry, I'll be joinign my friends guild for now. If it won't workout I'll reapply.
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Hello Gekido! Feel free to whisper Nanners, Styliaqt or Laciel for an invite x)

Welcome aboard!

- Stylia
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updated the thread smile 
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I played during the beta and decided to come back to this game... Not many people around anymore, or so it seems. At the moment i'm level 13 Iop, but i'm gaining levels pretty fast. Hope i can join.
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-Level/Class - Sacrier
-A little about your history in Wakfu - Well i was interested in Wakfu/Dofus for a long time, but just now i subscribe for the game, so I'm quite new player. I still want to socialize with people. ^^
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Hi, I'd like to join too if you guys still have some room!

Level 42/Enutrof

IGN - Candyflossbeard
My History:

I started playing Wakfu last year and loved it. By tendency I prefer to craft a lot, so I don't gain levels very quickly (unless I'm after monster drops) but all in all, I'm pretty active and like to participate in guild events. I've also been in some guilds before, but most of these were really active for a while and then went completely dead after that, so I'm hoping for something that lasts. PM me if I can join smile 
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-IGN: Rawkus
-Level/Class 11/Sacrifier
-Been playing less than a week but been having great fun, just been exploring and leveling my crafting skills would like to get more involved and less playing on my lonesome smile 
Score : 534

IGN: Soothsayer
Currently lvl 21 Fire Xelor
I played Wakfu back in open beta alot, and i've tried all classes so i know how to play in large groups pretty well. I especially like doing dungeons.

Going to reset to water xelor after gaining some levels and got people to play with smile 
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hey, uhh, may i join?

my IGN is Faiya, currently a level 15 air sram (might go water/air, probably will need help with that too ^^wink relatively new to the game.

I did play in CB (and or Ocool with a friend of mine but we lost touch since and i'd love to meet people in a friendly guild to have fun with.

I am Subbed atm, but i don't level that much really, i just enjoy leveling professions and generally just chilling out ^^

(Oh, and i am active)
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Hello guys can you help me out im lvl 81 im brak and i started play again, but with no luck xD i dont have anyone else no friends no guild.
Do you have any brak players in there?
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