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Nothing to Lose - Remington

By AngelicPorcelain - MEMBER - December 05, 2012, 18:45:07
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Just wondering if this guild is still active?
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Gosh this reply is late [NTL GM here - on another account],
but yes.. we will be up and running again soon ~ wink
Score : 2203
A few changes with my main and of course the name change, please have a look at our Guild site and info ^^
NTL is officially back on the map and newly updated wink can't wait to start recruiting guyz!

Level and Nation choice does not matter as long as you can speak english (for guild chat purposes) and you
have to be active - which means you have to play at the very least, every second day.

thanxi ~ pm me in game if you are interested:
Talisa or Arriane
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Hi! Flow-stopper here and i Just made an application on your site. I hope i get accepted!
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Hi Flow, never got a pm from you and its been a week, so if you would like to join the guild you will need to re-apply. sorry.

~ Tali
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