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Locked Dragonchaos is recruting! [Remington]

By sharkbiite November 10, 2012, 15:19:41

"Welcome to the pits of hell!"

Welcome all to Locked Dragonchaos!

We are an English speaking guild based mainly in Bonta, but people from all nations are very welcome. Our guild is currently aiming for guild level 10 for the upcoming haven worlds update, however we will still be doing other things in the meantime!
We will do things such as:
Dungeon Runs
. Resource gathering/crafting help
. Levelling
. Possibly joint guild events in the future wink

We like to help new players, and we have some experienced players, so if you need any information at all on anything, not sure what build to choose, or even which profs to level, we will be happy to give you advice smile

Small Rules :

We don't like to ask for much, but a just a few little things like:

. Try to be active. We know this is hard for some people so this isn't too much of a problem
. Be civil and respectful to everyone in the guild at all times. We don't tolerate rudeness.
. Don't start fights/ wars with other guilds, we want to be peaceful
. Be subscribed, for things like dungeon runs and events you will need to be
. Enjoy yourself! biggrin

If you would like to join, you can contact:
. Thelocksa
. Darktimes
. Denzelrealm
. Spree
Or simply post here with your ingame name and any other things you think we should know ^^

* NOTE: This is a remake of our old guild thread, in case you wonder why there are two*

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Welcome to the Wakfu Alliance ^^.

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thnx jerry hope we can work together for more events and such.
i got some idiea but not worked out so i will let you know in-game what they are

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Oh my gosh, Lock, you are Dutch, aren't you?! I saw some very old thread on the forums with a post of you saying you were Dutch..

Do you know any other Dutch players in Wakfu? Because I have been looking, but really, I only know two, so sad.

Lol, and to make this post not completely off-topic: how is your guild doing? I haven't seen you guys around for a while. How are things?

~ Karah

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I don't want to hi-jack the topic, but if you're looking for Dutchies, the Amaknian Governor is Dutch and so are multiple players from the guild she happens to be in.

That's all I'll say here. Sorry for the Off-Topic Post. You can PM me for more info ingame :3


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well hey i know the goverment is dtch talked much with her in beginning but she is bussy doing goverment stuff you get it. the guild itself is i dont know either we even had many people so i died i guess. it more the people i was looking arent many in wakfu ( the role play people) so i left the guild to go in entropy to make friends and money to buy shit for the guild but lately i been playing other games. after hitting 105 and not getting many groups for UB is getting boring. but karah just add me on steam or skype if you wanna hang out in wakfu or other games

steam name: [CCRG]TheLock/healhuman skype: lorenzo.vermeulen

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Cool More dutch players yiihaaaatongue

i hope that your guild become the best

~Greetz, Sting-Shotter

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