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Synergy [Neutral guild]

By Senka October 24, 2012, 19:10:09
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Aye, if there's a chance at joining, I'd be interested. Be good to not have to deal with the constant waste lands devoid of anyone else when going to any dungeon.

Level 35 (ATM) Osa. IGN's - Vhennok Vankar

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Hello! I'm new to wakfu. I can learn this game fast. I'm an experience player in Dofus with 16 level 200s. I'm hoping to join, if someone could contact me.

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Edit: I've joined another guild

Wow.. last post here was 2 years ago. I sure hope the guild is still active and still open to new members?

About me
I'm a 27 year old, Danish lad who revisited Wakfu just recently (My introduction post: Click here). Last time I played was back in 2012 where I had to quit due to too little time. I believe I have some time again, and I want to take it easy this time and just have a good time.

Why Wakfu and Synergy
I love the turn-based fights and the intricate economy system and overall the degree to which the players can impact the game with nations, politics, the eco system etc.. Currently I'm either exploring, doing quests are chilling with some gathering professions, or trying to get a little InCharacter with my Sacrier and start conversations with random players. However, all of this would be 10 times more fun, if I had a group to share my adventures with biggrin

I hope you're still active and will invite me to your guild smile
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Me and my brother are looking for a guild to join. We have played wakfu way back when it was sub based but we were very casual players. Both of us are around level 30 - 40 atm and we're casually leveling/exploring/etc.

Thanks in advance

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Hey it's me, the newcomer!
*lack of applause*
So, I'm in Sufokia but for now i'm locked out, (RAGEQUIT) and alot of my high level stuff i can no longer have cause my level dropped after i rejoined, so i need some levelling up if you can't tell.
My goals are the same as yours, teamwork, have fun etc.
If you want to recruit me, please reply, or contact me in-game at Fyreling or FyreEmerald from afternoon till around 7.00 EST, UTC+10:00.
Anyways thats about it and thanks for reading.

- We thank you for observing our no logic policy, meme freely!

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Hey synergy, i've taken you're offline so I've tried something else.
I'd like to cancel my apply as I'm now a part of Green Flame of Bonta,
Thank you!

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