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Dalmasca Is Recruiting!!(Haven World-Center Of Cania Plains)

By gothbasch93 July 20, 2012, 12:31:09
[Remmington - Bonta] Dalmasca is now recruiting!(Check back for updates)

Update v2.8


Damn Snoofles,Hogwarts,The Hidden,Conquest & Synergy

So, what is Dalmasca?

Dalmasca is a Crazy guild that's social, helpful and sort of like a small family. We help each other out on dungeon runs, crafting, sets, farming; anything you could want a hand with, we'll be there to support you, as we do for everyone.

What do the guild do?

Other than the usual dungeon runs and farming parties, we will be hosting events. Oh yes, once our member count is higher we will be having events on at least a weekly basis with prizes, this could range from hide and seek, to collection quests, and maybe even hunting down one of the officers dressed in piwi and beating him to the ground. (The possibilities are quite endless, I personally have a long list of events ready to set upon the guild.)

What are the requirements?

There's a few things we expect from our guildies, and they're as follows;

  • Be active! It's no fun if you're not around and missing all the events, is it? (If you need to be away for any amount of time, be sure to notify an officer.)
  • Be respectful. Treat others as you'd want to be treated. We enjoy poking fun at one another and friendly banter, but make sure it's friendly!
  • Be at least level 1 Not too demanding, huh? Anyone can join, old or new members to the game.
  • P2P As much as I hate to say this, we do prefer pay to play members, because we'll not be able to help u.

That's all well and good, but how do I join?

This is the easy part; All you need to do is /whisper either;
  • Grovy (Guild Master)
  • Sena (The Master Artisan)
  • Clog (Crazy Miner)
  • Celayo (Crazy Bomber)

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This post looks oddly familiar... wink 
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Hey Dalmasca

Welcome the the Wakfu Alliance may your time with us be enjoyable.

Rage Against The Stasis (Leader)
The Wakfu Alliance (Leader)
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Omg: "attack one of the officers in Piwi and beat them to the ground". Oh, you. xD
But I would be seriously up for that. XD
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I am look forward to another year working with your guild.

JerryDB (Wakfu Alliance Leader)
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It Will Be An Honor Jerry smile 
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Great guy, great guild!

We should do more stuff together tongue 
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Hehehe thx lox
But a person without friends and alliances is nothing, thx to u & others wink 
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Oih oih where's my alliance biggrin
Score : 160
What? U wanted alliance? i don't remember that sorry man i will put it biggrin
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Yey good to see that our guild is doing well again with quite a few new member biggrin. just in time for guild revamp.
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I highly recommend joining, if you're looking for a good time, a fun group of people to talk with, and a great guild leader, then dalmasca is the guild for you tongue

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Its a Great Guild! cyz have ppl that care about it and help it biggrin 
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The guild is still not dead.

With crumbled ranks and dust everywhere... we will rise again!

All potential recruits can learn more from the current boss: Everchange.
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Is the guild alive?Talk to me ingame "Elqueinvoca"
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