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Southern Cross - a guild for Aussies and Kiwis! NOW WITH HAVEN WORLD!

By AshalindWolf - MEMBER - February 25, 2012, 07:19:40
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can i join this guild? recruitment's not working

GN: block head
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Hey Block Head, you have to sign up to Enjin first, then apply to our guild page. That's usually the reason people say the recruitment page isn't working.

PM Ashalind or Gen The Mischanter if you still can't get it right and I'll keep an eye out for you online too.
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just submitted it.

The one in the front page post doesn't seem to work for me but the one in the tabs above did.
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Can you tell me the rough times you're on? We've been trying to catch your character online but so far it's not working out xD;
Score : 140
bump smile

~ Viggie
Score : 34
Awesome guild as always biggrin!!

wish more people went online more often xD

Score : 69
I applied to join on the Enjin forums, hope to hear back from you guys, and join you in the world of twelve biggrin 
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AshalindWolf|2012-02-25 07:19:40
  • You must live in Australia or New Zealand*
That's a bit racist...
Score : 540
Sorry this guild has been inactive for so long. Thinking about coming back for a bit if any players are keen to join me. smile 
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