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Southern Cross - a guild for Aussies and Kiwis! NOW WITH HAVEN WORLD!

By AshalindWolf - MEMBER - February 25, 2012, 07:19:40
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Welcome all new members & anyone wanting to join. Im kmatt the noob & if you need help or sjut wana chat this si a great place to be im often on and always happy to help.

Also guild webiste is premium again so wegot extra features again
Guild level now 7

Fight - 9
Craft - 6
This guild still active yo ?
Psuedonym|2012-06-28 11:14:22This guild still active yo ?

Yep yep, it's currently a more quiet guild though, always looking for new members!
IGN is Pseudonym hit me with an invite when you can brother smile just started up again today and havent played since the closed beta
Can you please register on our enjin forums. The info is in the OP. Thanks!

Guild level now 9

Fight - 10
Craft - 8

Having a bit of fun before a dungeon

Go to the website and sign up/apply if you want in on this!
Southern Cross is gaining strength again as past guild members are returning. Clearly they missed our awesomeness. tongue

We are still very active and always looking for new recruits or alts from aligned guilds.
We should hit level 12 this week and have some extra bank space sooooooooon! smile 
Bad Ash for no regular updates!

Currently level 13 (I think), always looking for new individuals!
I can't bump my own post! tongue More like slack other guildies!! wink 
Still open for Aussie's and kiwi's smile still very active.


Hmm, I'm interested in joining on one of my characters, what are the average levels of your active members so i know which to join with?

I'm a New Zealander btw, i also have a small role playing guild.
i'd say the average level is 70~100. Keep in mind there's only about two or three people online at once, and we mostly speak through skype [just instant messaging than voice] 
Cool, ill try to talk to you on skype tonight.
Welcome Wagiquu!

Come and join us Southerners! We have been around since launch and are still alive!
Bump smile
Is there a minimum level? As my main character is only level 25. If not, I'm interested joining in order to play with more Aussies.
Lord-DiSage|2013-09-02 15:57:06Is there a minimum level? As my main character is only level 25. If not, I'm interested joining in order to play with more Aussies.

Hi Lord-DiSage! There is no min level. We would love to have you. We have characters ranging from about 1-120 and we can change to alts of appropriate level to help you out. All you need to do is ask as we are very friendly and supportive. What is your main's name?

ALSO, we just secured a HAVEN WORLD! YAAAAAAAY! It's located on Calamar Island, just near the zaap.
still active and such, everyone living in australia or new zealand welcome~
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