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Southern Cross - a guild for Aussies and Kiwis! NOW WITH HAVEN WORLD!

By AshalindWolf - MEMBER - February 25, 2012, 07:19:40
Looking for a guild for Australian and New Zealand players of Wakfu?! Our guild home is on the International Server Remington and has been active since official release. We have people from all Nations in our guild so everyone is welcome! smile

Click here

Why should I join Southern Cross?
There are plenty of reasons to join, but here are a few to consider.

  • Here you'll be able to play with English-speaking people in your timezone. Our network of players will make it easier for you to find groups and leveling partners.
  • Our Guild forums offer you a community outside of play where you can organise hunts, trade items, advertise your professions or simply socialise.
  • Currently, there is no minimum level to join! Our friendly members welcome players of all levels and are happy to lend a hand to those in need.
  • Perks - guild chest, uniform and standard.
  • We Skype in and outside of the game, so you'll always be able to get in touch with players.

Can anyone join?
There are a couple of requirements you must meet to be eligible for membership.

  • You must be on the server Remington.
  • You must live in Australia or New Zealand*
  • You must speak fluent English

*While this guild is aimed for those playing in a similar timezone, I am lifting the restriction and invite anyone to be a member.

Great! Where do I sign?

If Southern Cross sounds like the place for you, simply visit Click here and fill out the application form. If you are looking to offer more to the guild, join the council, mentor newer players, then let us know. We are looking for responsible and mature people to help with the organisation and running of the guild, so if that sounds like you, raise your hand!

Guild Level: 8

Council Members: Ashalind, Gen The Mischanter, Zaara, Luna Fall

I look forward to seeing you all in-game! Take care, play nice and keep the balance.

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This! Is going to be awesome! Though I'm starting university on release week, it will be very cool to have people playing in a similar time zone, rather than logging on to a apparently dead game! I think this is the place for me!

Gotta say as well, props for the website! It is slick.
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So far we have 13 members signed up and growing fast!
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Been hanging out with a few of the members of this guild for a few hours now. Wonderfully members already! We are all eager to get in to play, and now we have people we are starting to acturly know and be friends with, who will be on when we are on! woot!
So come join us!

Wakfu comes out tomorrow! The Southern Cross members are actively chatting away and we have already started a guild project even before the game is available! So come join us, have some fun and lets start Wakfu with an epic guild!
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So far the people in SouthernCross are a damn cool crowd! For any Australians or New Zealanders who are feeling like Sufokia is the place to be, check out this guild!
(Bump! tongue)
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Updated post and member count!
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Our guildies are almost always up for grinding and dungeon parties as well, so feel free to come and join us!
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Bugger, was hoping it was in Brak. Still keen to join though. My IGN is Grieving.
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Says your site is down so i couldnt fill out a application but i really would like to join the guild is there someone i can add who can help?
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KaneF|2012-04-03 19:06:14
Says your site is down so i couldnt fill out a application but i really would like to join the guild is there someone i can add who can help?
Site is definitely functional now. Try again if you haven't already?
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Is there some way I can join without doing that form thing? It's dead and I don't have an account on that site...
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It's not dead (I just checked the link), and you can easily create an account like everyone else has done. smile 
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No the link on the actually page to sign up 'does not exist', apparently.
That's what it tells me, anyway....
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What about this? Is that any different? Sorry, wish I knew more. sad

Click here 
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enjin recruitment page does not come up if you aren't logged in with an enjin account.

what you should do is register and login to Click here first, then go to Click here and find the 'register' button on the top navigation bar to fill in your form.
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If you guys can't get that working try and contact me in game, name Toldoru, and i'll send an invite your way.
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My game is downloading now, I'll message someone when I'm logged in, will have to watch the footy tonight though! First time I've ever played this game.
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The site is working guys. I've had applications this week with no dramas! smile 
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App'd. It's 5:52AM in Sydney though, might take a while for a response haha. I didn't realise Sufokia was filled with sand, I dunno if it was my monitor deceiving me, but I thought it was a ton of snow ._.
Oh dear.
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Weekly Report

Our Guild level took a little bit of a beating due to the rollback, but we have been grinding hard to get it back. Level is 5 again.

Special mentions to Gen, Zaara and Kmatt for their continued efforts towards our Guild Chest. We'll have it in no time!

Welcome to the new recruits Appa and Treemesa and it's good to have Jae back!
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