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[Remington - Bonta - English] Pokemon guild

By TaoZen - MEMBER - February 24, 2012, 19:22:04
To whom it may concern,

Pokemon is a guild that grew thanks to friends whilst in beta. After beta we regrouped into the Pokemon guild, and it grew happily thereafter. Currently we count around 59 guildies with our active players all above level 70.

Any class from any nation is welcome to join, there are just three things to agree to before you can join Pokemon:

1. Speak english within the guild;
2. Non-aggro policy (only during wartime the enemy can be aggroed, we do not aggro others in mines or during other activities unless vehemently provoked by a player);
3. Your character needs to be a level of 30+.

Guildies who got aggroed have the right to retaliate and call in assistance from other guildies. Bullying is completely unacceptable in our view.

We like to do our own thing, go leveling together, help eachother.. we're that friendly guild. It is not mandatory to provide a certain xp% to the guild, that is your own decision smile

So, if you like to join our guild and are not afraid to make some Wakfudian friends, let me know.

My ign (in game nick): Buddha
Or, via my gf: Mystique / Epione / Era

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Hi all,

I'm the girlfriend of Taozen and also "righthand" of Pokemon guild. My main will be an Osa with ign Mystique and my second char will be a Xelor with ign Millennia. We are a peacefull and a relaxed guild, we don't like to aggro people so we don't like to have people in guild who likes to aggro others.

We have several nice people in guild. Looking forward to see you guys again. I'd love to see many new recruits to make friends with biggrin

Are you interested?

Let us know tongue 
We'll actively recruit starting from the 29th feb., in-game.
Btw my ingame name now is Him
Joined up ingame. Is there a forum or chat somewhere other than ingame? Something where people can let others know when they'll be online or ask others for a gathering to have some fun?
Guild still growing, sweet! ^^
How can i start conversation with a player ingame ? ph34r
To start a private conversation with a player ingame, type /w "playername" your message.

For example say your in-game name was KristjanS1 you would type the following:

/w "KristjanS1" Whatever you want to say, usually hi works biggrin
Still growing. I must say, the guild has turned out to be great. A special thanks to the top most active players and all the guilds who have allied with us - among which is the huge guild Mystic - and I hope we can keep on leveling together and enjoy the game as it evolves.

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