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[Remington - English] Mystic

By CZone January 30, 2012, 21:18:21
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I'd like to welcome all the new members that have been joining recently happy

Also, I heard someone say that we roleplay too much which is hilarious because I think the most anyone has ever roleplayed in guild would be a simple *spank* from one dude to another. We are not a roleplay guild hehe!
I also updated the description on the first page smile

PM us in-game for an invite!
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Recruiting new members!

Pls pm me (Arcrus) or anyone included in the first page, thank you.
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I'm interested in getting me three "main" chats in a nice guild, two down one to go. I'm a level 3 (but in gonna start leveling properly and whatnot) Iop called Swordemon and id love it if you could accept me into Mystic. What's your IGN and I'll pm you, but in not online now or for the next few hours since its late and in tired. *groan* tongue
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would like to join you but my account not premium (expired) enutrof water lvl 36 [1500 kamas atm money smile] please send me email [email protected]
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Hi there smile

I'm new to this game and I would like to join a guild since I'm a little lost here and could need some guidance ^^

I'm playing a fire cra and I'm currently lvl 15

edit: oh and I'm a subscriber
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I've been looking for an active P2P guild for parties and dungeons.

My main's a lvl 110 Iop and I am pretty active. Let me know if you guys are still active and recruiting. I tried PMing some of the mentioned names for some Q&A but they are not on. Whisper me sometime on Bloody Sword


Nevermind, joined another guild. Goodluck to you guys smile 
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Hi I am looking for a guild too .. Sadida on Remington ... lvl 43 ... Name = Jhinga lala
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Hello guys is this a bonta only guild??? or multi nation?

IGN: Akz-Ynk
Lvl 81 Masquer

Any Spot there?
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We are not only Bonta guild and we have slots biggrin 
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ign: Calamity

Need a guild. don't know where anything is now
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Heya ppl smile Aposperitis here (or just Apos -yeah i know too damm long but wtf ) mystic general at...mystic (well duh :p )...So lots of the senior stuff are inactive these days (work, holidays and stuff) so ppl do not know who to pm. As always we recruit, we are a multi-nation no lvl limit guild and with no restriction (heard somewhere about limit to number or alts or fees in moneys/kamas etc...none at those stuff happening here). Only rule is to be nice to other ppl so everyone can have fun, mystic was from day #1 a fun place where ppl can gather and do fun things. So everyone interested or just who wanna have a test run ankama box me or pm Aposperitis / Zip / Acteon / Priks / Rosnel / Merman / Serpiente / Spanks / Titania / Robex / Tenten most of them are usually online frmo 18.00 UTC and onwards...feel free to ask anything else u like smile

5/2/2014 edit smile
Heya again...many ask me so I will repost it that as always ARE RECRUITING smile . Everything is as wrote before (no lvl / alt limit, multination, no strings attached - come and see if u like it :p ) we welcome anyone who wants to have fun in the game smile

PM Aposperitis / Zip / Acteon / Priks / Rosnel / Merman / Serpiente / Spanks / Robex or u can ankamabox me or post a reply here with anythihng else u like to ask smile
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Hi Aposperitis,

I would be very happy to join your guild smile

Nobody was connected at the time I logged so I let you a message here.

I am currently playing a sram lvl 25 as a subscriber and use to play to dofus a looong time ago with a osamodas lvl 130.

My character in the game is Malococix.

Also, I'm currently living in New Zealand, very friendly and keen to help anyone in the game wink

Let me know what you think.

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Sure thing smile will try pming or ankamabox u when i am online. New Zealand huh? think we got 1-2 of your countrymen...or women (ppl keep telling me but memory of goldfish :p ) so u can hopefully do more things with them since same timezone also previous guild leader is from there (ALL HAIL ZIP!!!) but unfort inactive for sometime due to uni and stuff -.- ,
all in all think u will like it with us, cya online smile
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Hi guys, I'm Asator from New Zealand and I'm keen to see if I can join your guild.
I've only been playing less than a week but I'm a subscriber and level 35. I'm pretty active, I'm loving the game - I used to play Atlantica Online but the cash shop got too rediculous for me.

I've introduced 5 others to this game, 4 of which are nearly as active as me and they're all from NZ/Australia. We could have a little bit of an AUS/NZ legion going on.

Hope to hear back,
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Hello friendly looking people.

I'm from germany and we got an own server, but it's mostly empty..
So I came to Remington but everybody just talks spanish ._.
I'm very concerned/lonely and now I'm looking for english speaking players and an english speaking guild.
I'm currently just lvl 7 on Remington, but that'd change fast. My Nick is: Asrail
Hope to see you soon!
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heya to both of u, all who wanna have fun in this game are welcomed smile
the pm list has been updated with Chronohell, Fec Amatter and Alerie and will add some more so thing that there is a good chance u find someone to inv u, btw will also try to reach u ingame around the time u made those posts here
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I would like to join your guild smile
- Klaerken
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Just a heads up we update the contact list so should be easier to find someone online at anytime, for any problems post here or ankama me smile 
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Awesome guild definately recommended smile 
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Hi there!

Was just wondering if you guys needed 3 fresh faces smile
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